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  • Go bargain or go big?

    I have what I feel are quality items for the 10s stored primarily in a tool roll. I'm looking for opinions are purchasing a bargain 72 hour bag from site like LA Police gear or trying to save for a 5.11 or other upper end bag. I'm also in process of replicating my 10 Cs gear for my wife and 10 year old son

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    Um, both ?

    Sure, have some good stuff, but remember, 'Two is one, one is none...'

    Stock your various locations and caches with the budget stuff, no big deal if abandoned / lost / stolen / traded.

    Also, Murphy's Law applies, or at least its pesky cousins: Should anything go wrong, you will be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong gear. Lest your SUV and its 'Good Stuff' be lost to fire, looters, falling debris, traffic pile-up or road collapse / liquefaction / sink-hole, you'll need that 'Plan_B'...


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      Dbe102: I would recommend getting quality gear for yourself and your wife. You could get less expensive items for your son. Your Bag is Plan A. Your wife's bag is Plan B. Your Son's bag is Plan C. You could get everything you need for his bag at Wal Mart for very reasonable prices. You might also consider dividing things up among the bags rather than duplicating everything. You carry the fire and cooking kits. Your wife carries the First Aid, cover and cordage. Just a thought.

      In your son's bag I would include a few toys or games that he likes to keep him entertained. There are old posts here that go into detail with items to include for kids.
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