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Good luck prepping for this...

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  • Good luck prepping for this...

    Well here's something I'm not even sure how anyone could prepare for:

    Even going underground wouldn't totally protect you from high energy cosmic rays.

    Perhaps science will invent a magnetic shield in the future.. maybe something that can reroute the energetic particles around one's living area.

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    "The geomagnetic field has been losing 30 percent of its intensity in the last 3,000 years,' said Dr. Thouveny. 'From this value, we predict it will drop to near zero in a few centuries or a millennia."

    Well if they're right about it I'll be beyond dust, as will my great x100 grand child. By then I'm sure we'll have figured out how to wipe ourselves out or they'll have figured how to reach out into the stars and spread the virus of humanity.
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