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    We are in the path of hurricane florence. We are zone C so will not have to leave home. Zone A is now under mandatory evacuation. The zones are for VA only. This is going to hit at Wilmonton NC. Last time this happened was in 1989 when Hugo came in at a cat. 5. Florence is now a strong cat 4 and about 2 or 3 days away and could become a cat 5. This will hit inland and also saying it will linger most likely causing worst inland flooding. Could go up into mountains of N. Carolina as well as my home town of Lynchburg VA. We are in it's path but are very much prepared. Will be helping my neighbor tomorrow to get ready for this one. We are already prepared for this. So we are not to worried about it.. Only thing we have to do now is fill our water cans and bath tub. Will be doing that tomorrow or Wed. South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia are now under a state of emergency. All the shelters are opening here tomorrow morning. We will be staying put in our home but are on the ready with car packed if we do have to leave for any reason. If we have to leave we will be heading North. Thought we would be leaving West but the track of the hurricane has changed that thought. Rocky mountains are in a likely state to get flooded as well.

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    Here's hoping that you and yours escape being in harm's way. Be safe!

    I was saddened to learn about this sad bit of stupidity (hat tip to Palmetto Tree, on another forum):

    The hype and too early mandatory evacuation has all gas stations out of gas as of early afternoon today.

    Apparently, the governor did not alert the distributors he was going announce it today. So they got caught flatfooted. Most of us that have been through many such storms in our lifetime knows this announcement is about 2 day early.

    Most planned to get out tomorrow or Wed. There would have been plenty of time for distributors to keep filling the gas station tanks. This would have put most people gone by the time all lanes changed to one-way. There will be no way to get gas to stations after noon tomorrow.

    What he has done is create a situation where people are going to be blocking exit lanes because the traffic will be 4 time as great with most having half the fuel they need.
    Genius is making a way out of no way.


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      You are so right Grizzly. The hurricane is now about 2 days away and they have started evacuations both for yesterday and today. I know people need to start now to get ready but somethings they are doing way to soon. I think they do it for their own protection. We are these days in a sue happy situation. Just another get rich theme. My neighbor is trying to get a new generator and they are already sold out. They said more will be coming in but first come first serve. This is also the reason we do everything early as soon as we know something will effect us. We have already filled our gas tank and the extra gas in our 5 and 6 gal jugs. The stores are already getting wiped out and alot of things here where we are are panic buying. People go nuts in the Tidewater area as soon as something happens. Many of the schools including in N. Carolina and S. Carolina are already closed as of today. Others will be closing on Wed. This should hit Wilmington N. Carolina or just above it by Thursday night maybe sooner or maybe a bit later but in that general time frame. I would say today is the time to start picking up yard,, trimming any trees back and checking cars and trucks to make sure oil and such are ok. Gas is another story. Though so far I haven't seen large lines for gas, did notice that some of the pumps have bags over them. Indicating the pumps were either broke or they are running out of gas. This is also one of the reasons we do some things a bit early. We will be staying home as we are not in a flood zone. I have already been to store to pick up a few items but were things we were out of and needed anyway. We are set for this one.


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        Our prayers are with you AJ. I hope you come through everything unharmed. Sounds like you are as well prepared as you can be.
        The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

        Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is you are stupid, and make bad decisions.


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          Your pending Flo made the UK TV news, *ahead* of our regular forecast.

          Really, really big, looks like NOT going to deviate, may yet pick up a +1 from Gulf Stream.

          Worst part is Flo *may* be big enough to 'stall', keeping one side over Gulf Stream's re-supply while dumping on coast.

          This would be very bad, possibly Katrina-bad...

          Low coasts face huge gusts, huge waves plus a scary storm surge. The barrier islands face re-modelling, the coastal waterway may need dredging. The wind, rain and run-off flooding will be epic.

          Be NOT There, else, Please Be Safe.


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            You might be in zone C but a flash flood may get you. I hope you have sandbags ready and your windows boarded up. Check your water supply. After IRMA last year we could not buy water for over a week. (The trucks could not get thru) Even here in Florida with all the warnings people still will not spend the necessary money to be prepared.

            So buy now extra SUPPLIES NOW, because if the power goes out (And it will) it will mean: NO PUMPS NO WATER.


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              There is also a possible problem involving flooding of the Nuclear Power plants in the area.
              One day you eat the day the left-over five days you eat chicken feathers, head and feet.


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                Most important thing to REMEMBER during a disaster is..........If any part of any Government say's "Don't WORRY". Then it is time to re-evaluate your exposure to extreme danger.

                If they say: "We have it under control"......That is code for, we are looking for a plausible excuse for our screw-up" and, "we ain't got squat under control".
                One day you eat the day the left-over five days you eat chicken feathers, head and feet.


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                  We are ready.. Not near the neclear power plant. So ok where that is concerned. We are on high ground. We already know and have seen what will happen. Our worse case would be a tornato hitting like it did 18 or 20 years ago. We fared very well but the neighborhood next to us did not as it took out the well pump for that neighborhood and they were without water and elec for 2 weeks. We are right next to them and we were on city water but lost elec for 2 weeks.
                  Rich we are not concerned with flash flooding where we are as there is no lake or anything that will cause that. I do know we can loose elec and city water as well. We are fully prepared for that as we have over 500 gals of water on the ready. We are on a natural gas generator and have another generator for back up with several gals. of gas. as well as several propane tanks.. Plenty of food to keep us going for weeks on end. So good to go. it is 36 hours out and we have been getting a storm almost daily not caused by this hurricane. So that will be bad as everything will be soaked making for trees to fall. And no we have no trees that will cause damage around our house. Our driveway will look like a parking lot when neighbors start to bring their cars up to our house for protection. My car is in garage. We really can't think of anything else we need to do. Plywood is sitting at each window to be boarded up if and when the need arises. We are watching closely but likely will board up windows on Thursday morning as storm is to hit either thur. night or friday morning. won't take us 30 to 40 minutes to board up windows.


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                    Just stopping by to wish everyone well who'll face Flo. Hope it passes with minimal impact--but glad to hear you're feeling well prepped, AJ. I know others inland may get hit from heavy rains. I hope this is unnecessary advice, but I heard some ideas for how to deal with flooding in this article from a Houston-ian, about what Hurricane Harvey did to them. Maybe it'll get someone safer to share it here: How to prepare for a flood

                    Preparation can't save your house during a flood, but there are some steps you can take to make it easier if and when you have to evacuate.
                    Been there, done that. Then been there again several times, because apparently I never learn.


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                      Still, Take Care Out There.

                      UK TV News ran a 'Special' on the situation and forecast. One 'joker' for the low-lying coast is they're now expecting the storm surge peak to arrive at high tide...

                      Be Safe,


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                        Schneb: Good link. Thanks for sharing. She offers sound advice from an all to familiar 20-20 hindsight perspective. Reading between the lines it sounds like they got burned badly during Harvey. They were not prepared. Fortunately, it also sounds like they learned their lesson, and it won't happen again. Next time, and there will be a next time, they will be prepared. I have been through a few floods, and know first hand how devastating they can be.

                        Her BOB sounds adequate. I did not see any mention of food or water. Two days worth of clothes is woefully inadequate. I would include at least 7-10 days. I am surprised, but maybe I shouldn't be since these people are not preppers. How could you NOT think of your pets. We may be on the other end of the spectrum, but the pets are like children. They are part of the family, and part of our preps. I think we have seven pet carriers, and we only have two pets (dogs). General rule: dogs require 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day. Cats need a little bit less, but the ounce/pound/day is a safe calculation. Pet food is pretty easy to pack and carry. You just have to include it as part of your preps. We have a BOB for the animals that includes food, leashes, bowls, blankets, records of shots, vet information. It can all be put into the pet carrier with plenty of room for the dog. Their water is added into our calculations.

                        It is good that she is sharing this info. It sounds like she woke up, so maybe she will wake others up. It will never cease to amaze me how people can be so naïve, even after they have been through a horrible disaster.
                        The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

                        Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is you are stupid, and make bad decisions.


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                          Schneb that is great info.. Wilmonton N. Carolina will take the blunt of this storm. This is also how we in VA know if we will be spared or not.. All of the Eastern Shore and low laying areas in VA..NC. and SC will see flooding and has already taken steps needed.. We are a bit more inland and have never had a flood event.. Not saying it will never happen but because of where this storm is hitting we have been spared. Prayers answered. The storm when it does hit land will be a strong 3 shortly and then a cat 2 hovern over Wilmonton for maybe a couple of days dumping lots of rain and wind. We will look like nothing more than a N. Easterner. I have been through many hurricanes and already knew that if this hit Hatteras Island then we would be in a lot more trouble from it. Now that we know the path of this storm I have to say we here where I live have been spared. But it is not over as this moves inland toward other inland states, there will be lots of rain and possible flooding for those states. Could go as far as Kentucky but still remains to be seen on that score. They are not real sure as of yet where this storm will head after it hits land. Either way we have been spared here. My prayer is that all of N. Carolina and other areas that are in the path of Florence will be safe. VA Beach and Norfolk VA will still have flooding as it has already started a couple of days ago for them. But that is the norm for those low laying area even in a rain storm.


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                            Just got the latest update on Florence. N. Carolina is going to get the brunt of this storm like I had said and it is now going to hover over N. Carolina and is turing south toward S. Carolina after it hits land. We are no longer in the cone of this storm. We are now totally out of it. Still there will be flooding in the low laying areas of VA Beach and Norfolk. But like I said above, that happens in a bad rain storm. So all is good for VA.


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                              For those who live in the N. and S. Carolina areas, please stay safe.. There will be a great deal of flooding in all the low laying areas and this includes VA. Though VA is out of the storms path we are still under tropical storm warnings with potential for flooding. I am in a high area where there is no flooding. Though they are expecting the Nansmond river and the James river to rise we will still be good. We are that high up and far enough away that we will be ok from flooding. The winds and downed trees could be another story. We only have 2 neighbors that are not picking up their yards as of yet.. potential for flying objects.