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Heads up Carolina! Possible Winter Storm INCOMING!!!

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    Originally posted by BARRACUDABILLY View Post
    I got 7-8 inches of snow and was with out power for over 50 hours BUT I want to give a big thank you to everyone on this board because we were perpaired, I took full atvantage of the situation and made a list of things we needed or missed but this was a good little test for us. thank you to everyone for making me think stock up and be ready.

    Hey Billy, How about sharing that list? We all learn a little something with each experience. What little gem did you learn?
    If it looks ignernt, but it works, then it ain't ignernt.


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      You wrote:

      This may or may not make sense, but we never make snow cream from the first day of snow, only the second or later. Mom always reminded us that the first day's snow gathered all of the polution from the air as it fell.
      Mom said it has to be right. :)
      Not to cast aspersions on anybody's Momma, but if she knew all the filthy, nasty things kids put in their mouths, she would faint wondering how any of us lived to see the dawn of a new day.


      One pollutant you don't have to worry about in snow-cream is salt. The process of water evaporating into cloulds, then coming back to Earth as rain or snow, is nothing less than Mother Nature's desalinization plant. Thus, you won't dehydrate or have kidney fallure from eating snow-cream.

      As for other pollutants, while they are possible, they are miniscule and equally are hazardous when breathed in, so you might as well enjoy your little bit of poison with cream, sugar, and vanilla flavoring. Maybe some Everclear and Grenadine Italian Ices will take care of microbes.


      As seldom as I and other Southerners get to eat snow-cream, I would say that snow-cream both passes and exceeds field tests for toxicity in plants. The snow hits my skin, but doesn't cause a rash or other reaction. It hits my lips, but still no reaction. I mix a bit with cream, sugar, and vanilla flavoring, but still no reaction except for pleased taste buds. And after eating snow-cream since age 5 and having many check-ups, I've never had an ailment that could be attributed to snow-cream.

      Snow-Cream: The head-shaking, sighing, "whatever" dessert choice of Mothers everywhere!

      "Apocalypse is by no means inevitable." --Jim Rice.


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        My list of things I missed during the recent power outage.

        Number 1. A side burner for the grill or a camp stove.
        I had a coleman one but let someone borry it and it never came back.
        harbor freight has a nice two burner propane table top model. I will have one this week. it was taking up to one hour to boil water on the grille. I made a little cone to channel the heat to a area about 3" in dia and got the water to boil in 15-20 min. ( a 69 cuda head light bucket turned up side down) lesson learned here, I should have read the "can stove" thread in more detail a few months back.

        Number 2. A corded phone. cordless phones are worthless with no power I have some 12v back up and could re-charge the cell phones. I done bought a cheep 5 dollar corded phone at family dollar.

        Number 3. A tea kettle to heat and or boil water instead of a open pot.

        Number 4. A winning power ball ticket.

        Things that really came in handy,
        oil lamps, kerosene heater, a storm radio w/ am,fm,tv and weather, a 12v tv, a percolating coffee pot, several full propane tanks and wood for back up. stored up food, chain saw, fuel and bar oil. shovel.

        And after paying a 340 dollar power bill last month I think I like life without power better. I am still working on the wife and daughter on this one.


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          wouldn't it be nice if we werent reliant or SO reliant on power... sigh

          The best thing you can do to support the site is pass it on to your friends and fav sites like other forums, facebook, twitter etc. Let people know about us! :)


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            beat you to death with it because it is empty.

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              Zombie Axe,

              Fantastic pictures in the snow! To address Merle's concern, America will never be totally destroyed as long as its citizens produce great works such as this.

              "Apocalypse is by no means inevitable." --Jim Rice.