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    I know this has been talked about in more recent post but this one goes back to 08 and 09. Been a long time since I have read it. This is now a real possibility that this very thing can happen. It also reminds me of Venezuela and the bank closures. People had no way to get money out of banks so they could not buy food nor gas. Couldn't do anything. They were basic caught off guard. I have thought about this many times but have not felt a need to pull a lot of money out of accounts. Though we will be paying cash for our new air conditioner soon which will deplete a savings account but no bill to pay every month for it.. I do have cash and coins that I keep in house for emergencies. My safe is in a place that is hard to see or find without really hunting for it and is bolted to the floor. There are many places you could hide a safe and bolt it down. Lots of things here to think about if we do ever have a bank holiday or a flat out bank closure. I think when banks in Venezuela did open again months later, people could only take out $50.00 per either week or month.. I am trying to remember this by memory so I could be wrong on that but it is what I seem to remember. I will have to go back on that and study on what happened to that country. It has been a long time since I have heard anything. Just thought this would be worth noting as it can happen here and we need to be on guard for such things.


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      We keep cash in a safe, and have cash, in small bills, in our BOB's. I also save loose change in all denominations. I would like to think that we are nowhere near a Venezuela stage, but from what I have read if there is a problem with banks in general, they will close on a Friday, and not reopen on Monday. If a bank closed on a Friday for no apparent reason I would try to get some cash to hold me over.
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