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Shot some old 22 shells yesterday......

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  • Shot some old 22 shells yesterday......

    I just shot some 22 ammo bought from 1976 to 1981. Some had alittle more zip, some had alittle more than a poof. But all went out of the barrel. I didn't store this any special way except on a shelf or in a box. It had moved all over the U.S. with me.
    The cheap stuff(even back then) was the worst. All was the lead bullets with no copper clad. Some had the origional prices lowest was 49 cents.
    The best overall stuff was winchester superX, CCI and remington copper clad was the best overall with no low speed shells, all seemed to shoot at the same speed and accuracy. I don't have a Chronograph so I couldn't say any more than that.
    I also shot some 12 gauge shells from the same time period. Alot of the ones I shot were low powered. They were stored the same way. I'm guessing these went bad because of the ability of the shells to get air into the powder by way of the crimp.
    I also shot some reloads from then. For rifle and pistol. All shot well. I EVEN found a pistol I had in the bottom of the wood box I had all the shells in. I thought I lost that when my ex and her boyfriend was taking her stuff out of our storage shed when we split up 20 years ago!!!!!
    For just second I thought about apologizing, then I laughed at myself. No their both still not worth peeing on if they were on fire.......

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    Good to know .22 stores for a long time, just put money down on an all weather 10/22, and ordered some 25 round steel lip mags, waiting to get my paycheck to pick her up and go to the range tho.


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      About the only thing I forgot to put on post. Was most of the shells with the lead bullets had a fine blue/grey dust on the lead, but it wiped right off. I pulled some of the lead bullets apart with plyers and the powder smelled like black pepper, so it was old.