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Coat Hangers

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  • Coat Hangers

    I usually go through several wire coat hangers each week that I get from the cleaners with my dress shirts. I usually bring them back to the cleaners for them to recycle and use again each week.
    Now, however, I am starting to save them. They are made of heavy, sturdy wire, and might have many uses when TSHTF.
    What do you think?

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    I never have enough coat hangers. Send em to me!!!

    Seriously, not a bad idea. Wire of that guage can be used for all types of things. And in 3' lengths, too!

    An easier storage method would be to snip off the hook and twisted ends, Straighten the hanger out, and store them in the cardboard roller that is on the inside of wrapping paper, Duct tape the bottom end. that way they are ready to grab and use, without having to hunt for wire cutters. Heavier cardboard rolls can be found at fabric or upholstry stores too. Cheaper than a piece of PVC pipe, and youre recycling, yay!!

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      They certainly have more uses, I cut them up, bend 'em, and straighten them out all the time. Pretty handy in a pinch. There's probably a 1000 lbs of them rolling around the streets of NC being used as exhaust hangers!


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        Originally posted by David M. View Post
        There's probably a 1000 lbs of them rolling around the streets of NC being used as exhaust hangers!
        :D LOL :D

        "If it looks ignernt, but it works, then it ain't ignernt."
        If it looks ignernt, but it works, then it ain't ignernt.


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          Here's a strange use for wire coat hangers, we used to use these when I was a kid.

          You'll need...
          1 piece of 2x4 roughly 9" long (or other scrap wood roughly this size)
          Duct tape or electrical tape
          Jigsaw, hacksaw, and handsaw
          Old telescoping antenna from a junkyard car, radio, rabbit ears, ect.
          Heavy duty rubber band, single strand, about 8" long.
          1 small patch of leather
          Several wire coat hangers.

          Take the wood and a draw a pistol shape on the side of it (picture a pistol with an 8-9" barrel) cut out the shape with the jigsaw, sand all sharp edges on the UNDERSIDE of the "barrel", leaving the top nice and straight. Sand the pistol grip area to fit your hand.
          Mark a line down the center in the top of the "barrel", and cut a straight groove with the handsaw, about 1/8" deep (a "V" groove would be great if you can do it!).
          Cut the bottom (straight) sections out of several coat hangers, saving as much of the straight part as possible (should be about 13-14").
          Fully extend the antenna, and cut the sections apart with the hacksaw, saving as much of each section as possible. Sharpen one end, and make the other end blunt.
          Find the section of antenna that the coat hanger pieces will barely slide thru, and cut that piece to match length of the top of the wooden pistol. and lay it in the top saw grove. Tape it in place, wrapping the entire barrel area with tape several times.
          Make a slingshot patch out of the leather, and feed it onto the rubber band.
          Drill a small hole, just big enough for the rubber band to fit thru, 1/2" down from the top of the wood, and 1.5-2" from the pistol grip end...drill all the way through.
          Now drill another hole on each side of the now installed barrel, down thru the top of the wood, directly into the the horizontal hole that you just drilled.
          Feed the ends of the rubber band thru the top hole, and out the side hole (one on each side) and either tie a knowt in the band, or you can thread a plastic bead on and then tie a knot. Adjust length as needed.
          Now you basically have a pistol shaped slingshot, that shoots a 13" dart!
          We used to hunt rabbits with these...and yes...we killed rabbits...but they will run for a bit, since they usually don't know that they've been hit.


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            Harvested game hooks...
            Cook stands....
            Makeshift antennas...
            Game Snares...
            Aquatic spear vanes...
            Gear clips...

            Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.....
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              Prison Shank.....


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                Great used as Oxy/Acetelyne welding rod.


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                  Yep, done that one as well.


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                    (The following is for information, entertainment, and academic study purposes only and only for your own vehicle or the vehicle of consenting others.)

                    There has been many a time I or someone else have locked car keys in a car. In such cases, before I carried my spare set with me, I would unravel a coat hanger, slip it in between either a window crack or the window's lower gasket and either hook the car keys or hook the lock mechanism that unlocks the vehicle.

                    Although this technique is much more difficult and time-consuming with newer models of vehicles, it is usually not impossible to use.
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                      Another thing: Bailing wire is usually the same thickness, texture, and flexability as a wire hanger, so anything you can do with a wire hanger can be likewise done with bailing wire.

                      Eat your heart out, Joan Crawford:

                      Nooooo Wirrrrre Hangerrrrs!!!

                      :D :D :D :D
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                        Oh, Boy! The video is now embedded!

                        Thanks, Diesel! Thanks, Easter Bunny! *Bock!* *Bock!*

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                          Coat hangers work great for hanging parts on that are ready to be painted.


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                            Also makes a good hook for hands free ceiling fan wiring.
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                              I use wire hangers to store my canning rings on as well as plastic bags. I also clip my clothespins to a wire hanger for storage. :)