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Venus VS Mars planning

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  • Venus VS Mars planning

    It just kinda hit me this morning, maybe it's a "guy thing", but I realized that my personal priorities, or at least my thought process, is out of balance.
    I have tended to concentrate more on firearms, ammo, communications, tactical dog fences, and other "hardware". Not that I haven't thought about just doesn't stay on the top of my list, so it hasn't received an equal amount of attention.
    Maybe this is partially due to the fact that I'm not the grocery shopper, or because I have more knowledge in the hardware department than the wife does.
    Now...the wife has started addressing some of the food issues, although not quite in the same manner that I seem to attack the hardware issues, but that's likely a difference in our personalities. She can juggle a dozen or so tasks at once, while I tend to go ballistic if I have more than 3 on my plate.
    Another possible reason that I don't concentrate on food is the fact that I can easily go all day without eating, my typical daily eating schedule isn't typical at all...I eat when I can. The busiest part of my work day is usually when everyone else is having lunch, and my dinner is usually an hour or so later than the wife's. I'll sit there, while she eats, so we can converse, but I have to wind down before I can enjoy a meal, otherwise having dinner is no fun at all. you ladies tend to concentrate more on food?...and are there any single guys out there that also spend more thought on non-food preps?

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    Since I'm single and pretty much preparing for myself, by myself, I have concentrated more on food, shelter, and heat, but I do think about defense as well. Talking to a couple of breeders now to find a good protector dog. Making my way back near the homestead, parents and family. They are preparing too, so its not like I'm doing it alone, but each of us tend to concentrate on a certain area. I made sure (for y2k) that each of us had a solar oven, water barrels, stored water, etc. My mom concentrated more on canned goods, my sister and her husband worked on the garden, while my dad was worried about heating and firearms. He made sure we all had kerosene heaters and a way to store some extra fuel, as well as wood.

    So its true what you say about how each of you is geared for survival. Boards like this definitely help fill in the bare spots in your/my planning. Reading and adding all the 'little things' that wont be so little in a time of emergency, can sometimes make all the difference in your survival or at least enjoyment of survival living.

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      I have problems looking at the whole picture. I get one thought on my mind, and that is over till I can get it out of my head. Right now, my mind is stuck on garden, garden, garden. I have one heck of a mess to clean up before I can plow for the garden, and it constantly eats at me. There are 100 other things that I could address right now, but everything goes back to garden, garden, garden. I am a prisioner in my own mind.


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        I'm a single guy, and per your question, I have everything going on all at once. When I make a run to the grocery store, I pick up a couple extra of whatever. If I'm at the hunting/camping supply store to pick up another box of ammo, I'll wander around looking at everything to see if there's something else I might need before buying my ammo.

        Every single day preparation is on my mind. I have begun to carry a 3" folding blade knife on my belt quite recently "just in case". Since my job deals with the transport of bank notes and store deposits, security is constantly on my mind - even to and from work.

        In less words, I'm focused on the issue "at the moment". There's nothing I can do to protect my home if I'm at work, so I don't worry about it.
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          I do concentrate more on food. Hey, how do you think I got this lovely rotund shape? :D

          Married woman, with kids. Hubby IS coming around- slowly but surely- and he is focusing more on the "man" stuff- I've got him building and fortifying, and he'll be stuck with any other projects I come up with. he's got the knowledge, skills, and tools, plus he's over 6 feet of pure lean muscle.

          I'm working more on the food and water storage, gardening, I want to raise chickens (he doesn't know it yet but he's going to build me a chicken coop this spring). Trying to come up with a plan on long-term clothing -how the heck can I store clothes for these kids, when I have no clue what size they'll be at any given time? I can do a little bit of sewing, but I can't make clothes. Hygiene items- something else he'd never consider.

          Hubby will end up being the hunter, I betcha I'll have to skin and butcher the meat- the man was never even able to handle dirty diapers without retching :rolleyes:

          We've definitely got the typical Venus and Mars thing going here. Though, both of us are desperately anxious to get guns and learn how to shoot.
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            Well my wife is handling the food & medical side of preparations. I'm handling defense, education & energy. We discuss what we think will be needed rather than what bright & shiny toy diverts my attention. What I think would be the most helpful these days is networking with others in our area.


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              I am definitely a hardware person too.

              I believe I am decently prepared in other things, but being able to build, defend, move, etc required tools, whereas you can only store so much food, etc in the same space.

              I have filters to filter water, but store some. I have some food stored, but honestly can go a few months without. Plus there are a lot of tasty looking rabbits running around my house.

              The two consumables I have serious stocks of is medications and ammunition.

              Everything else is 3 - 6 months, except water obviously.

              I think partially is that I mostly worry about civil unrest, for one reason or another.
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