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    Ok, So... wtf is the point of turning the invaders over to Border Patrol?

    A jury makes him pay for inflicting emotional distress. wow!

    The Mexican government files formal complaints. awesome!

    I think you just might have to give up some of the N.A.F.F.S after all.
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      "His Cross Rail Ranch near Douglas, Ariz., is known by federal and county law enforcement authorities as "the avenue of choice" for immigrants seeking to enter the United States illegally."

      A quote from the original article posted. My view: If it's the friggin avenue of choice for illegal immigrants, and they KNOW IT, do something about it!
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        How can non-civilians sue an American Citizen over Civil Rights? You dont have civil rights in this country if you dont belong here!
        Our judicial system is royally fubared!


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          I agree with the fact that someone that is basically invading another country should have no standing to sue anyone that detains them. The county should just deputize the guy like sheriff Joe did in his county to avoid them being able to do this.

          Back to the original question.......

          He does have a lot of acreage, and should invest in a backhoe or even better an escavator to help him with property upkeep


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            Afraid the only change we'll be seeing is Citizen to Slave.


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              We live about 40 miles from his ranch, we buy our propane from his brother.

              We've been watching this story since it happened (how many years ago) and were amazed that it didn't hit the national news until now.

              We discovered that there is a lot that doesn't hit the news! For example:

              - This at an intersection we drive through to go to work. Illegals being chased by BP - spike strips put down, aliens swerved to miss and hit the curb becoming airborne. They took out a row of cars/trucks sitting in the turn lane, nine ppl died - hit ONE national news cycle.

              - About 15 miles from us, woman and her daughter leaving their house to take the daughter to school, jumped by illegals to steal the car. She AND the 13 YO daughter beaten badly enough that they were hospitalized - covered in local news, nothing outside of the area.

              - Friend stopped at a convienience store to buy smokes on the way home from work. Getting back into his truck, got grabbed from behind, arm around his neck, gun stuck into his back. His keys were demanded. He reached into the pocket in the door of his truck, pulled HIS gun, pointed backwards under his arm and fired twice. Heard 2 more shots and dived for cover. Off-duty LEO moonlighting as a guard at the store had seen whole thing and taken out the perps accomplice standing 10 feet away. Two dead perps (illegals) - no coverage ANYWHERE.

              Yes, it is nucking futz.
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                Big Saw,

                Why isn't Nevada in with the good guys? It has no individual or corporate income tax, many businesses incorporate there, and besides, we freedom-fighters need some great entertainment when on furlough.

                "Apocalypse is by no means inevitable." --Jim Rice.