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Had a nightmare last night

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  • Had a nightmare last night

    woke up in a cold sweat.
    In the dream I was not prepared for the disaster that was happening (a flood). Of course, I couldn't go back to sleep, so I went over what I have for preps, and I am woefully not ready for anything.

    I mean, I'm sure no one is ever at 100% ready, but I became pretty alarmed at how not-ready I would be for anything long term.

    BigSaw has a good thread and poll here: on What are your primary concerns/priorities/inadequacies. Everyone should answer the poll, and then get working on it!
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    But you are working to get ready.


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      While I'm sorry you had such a disturbing wake-up call, I love it when my brain finds a way to work around my rationalizations and kick me in the head. Even our subconscious has to sleep sometime. Thank God for the incredible design of the human brain! ;)
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        I know I'm not ready. I keep rationalizing it in my head by saying, 'oh since I'm moving soon I"m not going to do this or that yet, I'll just have to move it'. I didnt start a garden yet for that very reason, and many other things. I wake up like that sometimes myself. Do what you can, make a plan, and attack it that way.

        One thing I stress to myself is, even though I have a timeline on preparations (cant afford to do everything at once), be open minded about it and watch for sales. I seldom buy anything on a schedule because I"m always finding a sale here or there. I just check it off my revolving list, and dont keep it in chronologic order. My goal is solar right after finding the homestead...
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