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ok here is a new one guys What is YOUR favorite wtshtf book

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    I've seen titles here I didn't know about, so thanks for the suggestions. Btw, looking on Amazon for 'Lights Out' (I see that it's now available in book form--yay!) and the listing there gives lots of 'if you liked this, you might also enjoy...'--type of recommendations that include titles listed here, so could be a resource for additional titles that have come out that are similar.

    One I'd add--and I always bring up in terms of disaster lit:

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    Although it's non-fiction, it is still very much a page-turner. It uses a lot of accounts of various types of disasters from 9-11, to air travel disasters, to encounters with muggers, etc. to explore how people react to sudden emergency situations. Along with describing people's reactions, it also gives tips on how to be better prepared for such situations.

    Also non-fiction but also good--

    Heart Like Water by Joshua Clark (first-person account of Katrina, it gets a bit tedious after the 1/2 to 2/3 point, but still good).

    Zeitoun by Dave Eggers (account of man trying to ride out Katrina--that alone is worth the reading but also: it's an account of a man trying hang on to his business, but swept up by the heavy-handed policing of the post-storm New Orleans and almost lost down a blackhole-like justice/prison/war on terror system for being in the wrong place and being Muslim)

    I hope posting this and bumping the thread shakes loose further recommendations.
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