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Addictions... your Achilles Heel WTSHTF

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  • Addictions... your Achilles Heel WTSHTF

    TS has finally hit the fan. You got your preps in order... or so you thought. You find out that you could not store enough whiskey/beer/cigarettes/snuff/coffee/etc. since you were too busy consuming it instead of squirreling it away.

    There are no more beer runs, no stopping at the 7-11 to get a pack of smokes and no more liquor stores. What you got is what you got:eek:

    You can replace the whiskey if you could grow some corn and had a source of sugar, but maybe that would be better served by eating it???

    You love your tobacco... do you have any tobacco seeds to grow your own in case RJR stops shipping Camel's??? What about a pipe or rolling paper???

    What about coffee??? Do you need a gallon to function before anyone dare speaks to you??? Do you have a replacement (grow your own tea trees for caffiene)???

    What about gluttony... do you eat what you need or eat what you want??? Better learn how to get by with what you need, because cold turkey (pun intened) isn't fun???

    So what do you do about it???

    Either store enough to last you until the situation ends or you die. Limit your consumption. Learn how to make a suitable replacement, or give up the habit!!!

    Some of these things can be done easily, some not so much...

    Do you really want to be addicted to anything that the lack thereof will allow you do STUPID STUFF when you can not afford it???

    Also consider storing some of these items for barter... some folks will 'sell their soul' for a drink of liquor or just a pack of cigarettes! I figure that 'vices' will be worth a plenty in a barter situation.

    This is not meant to be a 'holier than thou' type of post, as I have things to work on as well. It is meant for us to STOP, and evaluate our true needs and wants and make a plan. I mean when folks talk about 'beans, bullets and bandaids' maybe they should include the mention of 'booze' or comfort items as well.

    No need to give up something you don't want to, but do have a plan so it will not become your Achilles Heel WTSHTF???


    Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to
    beat you to death with it because it is empty.

    The faster you finish the fight, the less shot you will get.

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    I quit drinking over 2 years ago, and have never smoked. Now I just stash the booze, tobacco seeds and rolling papers away, knowing some weak soul will be desperate for it one of these days.
    "Lighthouses are more helpful than churches" Franklin


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      I'll survive without my Cope when it runs out, but try to keep a few logs in the freezer on rotation, reference to another thread: In AR., there is a limit on private purchase of tobacco in Crawfor Co....2 logs of smokeless per customer, per visit....
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        wow that was pretty good i can deal with out all my fixes as long as i have my wife and kids
        the pack that plays together stays together


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          I quit tobacco 1 year ago. If I HAD to I could brew beer or give it up. Coffee is a whole different level of addiction!
          The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.


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            good without coffee, and alcohol. I wouldnt be happy about not having alcohol around, because who doesnt love a COLD beer once in a while, but my vice right now is cigarettes, and im working hard on giving it up. In a SHTF situation, where the was no other option, I dont think I would have a problem with it, atleast not like I am now anyways.
            All that is necessary for the triumph of evil....


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              Good to go except the coffee that would be real hard to go without!
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                I know what going cold turkey on tobacco is like, it is a powerful drug and withdrawl is very hard but it can be done and when you are clean of tobacco that gives you an edge when the rest of the world is in withdrawl.
                The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.


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                  quitting smoking is something that I keep doing and hope that I get it right someday soon! I keep quitting and my husband keeps smoking, something happens and I start up again.:(


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                    I too, have struggled with a smoking addiction.It's a habit just reaching for them. If I'm out ,I'm out so I don't go to the store in the middle of the night.The ability to grow ones own would be the key although you wouln't be able to enjoy all those chemicals!!!
                    Coffee,however would be a very high priced commodity IMO.Alot of people are addicted to caffine and don't know it.
                    Alchohol,yes I could live without....but how long??If you have a little put up then I see you with an upper hand on the ones who ''need'' it most.
                    Grow your own smoke,make or stock booze...but coffee will probably be your'e bread winner.I predict alot of PO'ed folks when the Pepsi runs out!!
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                      I'm another one who'll have a problem when the coffee runs out. Check out some of the emergency supply places, they sell #10 cans of green coffee beans you roast and grind yourself.

                      And chocolate. I'll have a problem when there is no chocolate. Actually,those around me will have the problem when I have no chocolate.
                      But I'm working on that, along with my diet. And I am so committed to it, I even gave my sister my last frozen Devil Dog.
                      "Be Excellent to Each Other"


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                        Coffee and beer....Mmmmmmm!
                        The coffee is a big part of my daily routine, but more importantly, the sugar and creamer. If the coffee is black, I don't even mess with it. Once you sweeten and lighting it up, I am all over it. When TSHTF, I guess you could make your final stand at a local Starbucks. (I like their coffee, I just don't want to be associated with those people. They make my skin crawl.)


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                          The power has been out for a week, the water shut off shortly after the power, and you ran out of cigarettes three days ago.

                          Pans in your cupboard are slightly dented due to being slammed on the counter repeatedly in a fit of withdrawal. Your knuckles are raw due to punching the walls, and your once clean environment is littered with odds and ends that have been thrown around in a fit of nicotine rage. Day four begins.

                          I've quit smoking twice. Used the patch and was off cigarettes for 5 months, but something brought me back. The most recent was only 3 months, and I became so irritated that I didn't even like being around myself. However, if TS were to HTF, and I was indeed forced to give up cigarettes, I would really have no choice, but in that situation, I would be too busy making sure everything was being taken care of to worry about needing a smoke.
                          "Reject the basic assumptions of civilization, especially the importance of material possessions." "The things you own end up owning you"-Tyler Durden


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                            Ok, now I"m gonna have to go plant some grapes to make wine:D
                            My grandaddy made some of the best muscadine wine you've ever tasted.

                            I dont smoke, dont drink to excess, although I might stash a really really good bourbon in the cabinet just for those certain nights by a fire. I'm non-chemically dependent, no drugs or prescriptions of any kind, just vitamins and supplements. I dont drink coffee nor do I need a daily caffeine boost. I dont eat a lot of sugar, just a cookie sometimes.

                            And apparently I'm a nun, so maybe I need to find a vice or two....

                            Classic Southern defense: "But your Honor, he just NEEDED killin!


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                              Coffee, cope,beer I enjoy all these way to much. Good subject. I am somewhat stocked up on liqour (for comapny) I like my beer. I have enuf coffee for 1 yr if I quit the 3 pot a day thing. Hopefully for lent this year I can kick the cope habit. Not that I really want to but I figure its a 7 dollar a day habit 200 bucks a month that could be much wiser spent.