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  • Applejack
    This is one way to test your skill levels. We have already had to go for two weeks without electricity from a hurricane. Neighborhood next to us went both no electric and no water for 2 weeks. We were on septic at that time. The other neighborhood was both septic and well. The pumping station for the water got wiped out. My daughter at that time lived in a different city and had city water that got shot down for 2 weeks. It is an experience for that to happen. I was surprised that most people did not prepare much other than some food for a hurricane.
    But just shutting things down for a day or two and learning what it is like to have neither will teach you some fast skills. Been there so I know what it is like. I was prepared.

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  • Zombie Axe
    Good Idea...

    Ocassionaly I get enough practice with the ice storms that come through in the winter, and the occasional severe thunderstorm in the summer :)

    Really makes you know what works and what does not :)

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  • sd allen
    This is a good idea but I think I'll wait for my pipes to bust WTSHTF!! This creaky old house needs all the heat it can get right now!!We eat out once a month and do not shop at Wal Mart.
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  • Visinedrops
    started a topic Voluntary Blackout

    Voluntary Blackout

    I urge everyone here to do a "Voluntary Blackout" or VB.

    VB basically means to turn off the electricity at the panel, and turn off the water supply to the house before you go to bed one night. In the morning, you must fend for yourself in all manners.

    If you have a generator, I urge you not to use it, simply for the fact that if you were in a true emergency-type blackout where all power and water was cut, you would reserve your generator use for emergencies - Basically because getting fuel for it could become difficult or life threatening if SHTF.

    Basic rules for a VB:

    You must NOT use any electricity in your home for the duration of the blackout.
    You may NOT use your phone, unless necessary for family functions. (school calls, family emergencies, doctor appointment follow-up, etc.)
    You are limited to the supplies you have on hand. (No running to Wal-Mart for something during the VB)
    You may NOT order food for delivery. (kinda defeats the purpose)

    This will test your preparedness level. Food in the fridge will have to be preserved somehow, there's no power. The water is off, so you can't simply turn on the faucet to fill a glass.

    Hopefully by doing this, you will get a sense of how far along you are with your preparations, and maybe you'll learn something in the process.