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    Surviving is such a good word however good planning with preperation and knowledge can turn surviving into thriving. Health and hygene are basic to thriving and many substitutes can help through times of having no retail stores. Q-tips sprayed lightly w/water can help clean ears because there may not be showers with ever-flowing water. Cotton balls for a childs ear ache can help during cold and windy weather. A spray bottle of water with a paper towel quartered can be a well "spit bath" you will feel better afterwards. Finger/toe nail clippers and a little sprayed water and a small piece of paper towel can clean and prevent fungus. Toothbrushes medium to firm should be used even without toothpaste-brushing helps alot. Hair scissors can keep hair short because a flock of hair may take a great deal of water, if you do have ample water thats good. Baking soda is what the old folks used for deoderant mixed with a smigit of perfume or cologne. Baking soda can also treat heat rash skin in hot weather and foot powder in shoes or boots. Vitimans can still be taken way past expiration date. The potency will be decreased but the nutricianal value is still there to some degree. Pregnant women and small children who are developing should especially take even the old vitimans for some of the basics of growing. Double the amount of water to rice and cook longer forming a pate' then more water can be added and blended for baby food, and this works well in larger quanities for other milk needs. There is some basic shelf items that come in handy for drinks and hydration as follows: Baking soda is Sodiun Bicarbonate, Morton lite salt is potassium chloride. Sodium-potassium-bicarbonate-chloride are the basic electrolytes which sport drinks and IV bags contain in the medical field. The amounts per quart or gallon are pretty small and can be worked out maybe by taste but have these items handy - ADD sugar and maybe some cool-aid and even the children enjoy. For children there are other drink mixes such as tang which can go much past the exp. date. Dehydrated fruit can be brought back to life past exp. date by adding sugar and slight boil with some water. Raisins and such also can do the same method. Canned fruit especially the heavy syrup types can be flash boiled to be consumed. When the world has no food - believe me that this will be gormet. Canned foods all have shelf life however if they are old past the world colapsing, if they smell good when opened and appear the same as the fresh ones more than likely they are good enough to eat with a minimum flash boil. Foods that are not spoiled but are old have a decreased nutricianal value however even at 50% potency that is 50% better than nothing. That rule goes for most everything such as baking soda to medicines. If antibiotics are more than a year past exp. date do not use them because of kidney damage can occur. Bullion / cubes can help with foods to be more tastful. Medicines: gastric- Epson salt can be a laxative and has been known to lower blood pressue, try only one spoonful at first. Baking soda relieves heartburn but go easy with the doses such as only enough to relieve heartburn and or reflux. Wine and wiskeys and such have long shelf lives and can be used as slight pain killers and sedative Trainquilizer I love that word but lets get back to basics. Pain relievers OTC aspirin, motrin, tylenol, and naproxin can work well past exp. date. There is a quote I read once that stated "aspirin and tylenol for something like a broken bone can be the difference between sheer agony and Idol comfort" I cannot forget that so stock up now. Here is a short list of OTC meds that are basic--Tums, Tagamet or pepcid, Dramamine, Immodium, vicks 44 or the likes, kids cough & cold such as tussin, sudafed, powdered cloves is a gastric anestestic, whole cloves can be used for a tooth ache applied to that area of the tooth. Epson salt, apple cider vinnegar is a relief for chronic gastritis, use about a spoonful 1-2 times per day. Benedryl for asthma or wheezing from a cold, sudafed for any clogged nose. For an infant a bulb syringe is needed to keep the baby's nose clear because an infant less than one year old requires a clear nasal passage 24/7. Cepacol throat lozenge for sore throats + clove tea. corocedin for a more chronic cold or bronchitis. Pneumonia can be caught easily so if one does deep breathing and then cough every hour can help treat because the only other thing that can help is antibiotics and hydration along with good food. The deep breathing and cough can also prevent pneumonia is someone is feeling like they are getting sick. Remember that in the old days people died easily from pneumonia so lets try to avoid it. If living quarters are crowded or small then any person having a cold or cough should wear some type of mask and prevent coughing on others. Hand washing especially in cramped quarters can prevent infections and disease because germs are spread with hands and coughing. Besides any person handling food should have washed up good after using the portable toilet. These are practical methods and common sense rules that will ensure that our friends and loved ones thrive and survive because no one person can know exactly how things will go but lets keep to minimum basics and allways review procedures that you have put in place.

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    Good post. Lots of good info, Thanks
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      can I ask you to go back and edit the post, add some more spacing, put each item into it's own line, like a list. It would be a lot easier for reading and reference. thanks.
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        Great post.
        I'm going to print it out.
        Thanks for the info.