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  • Don't forget parts & maintenance!!!

    This is a little piece I've been working on here and there, cutting it down as short and to-the-point as possible. This touches on an issue near and dear to my heart, but often overlooked in the preparedness community:

    Parts and maintenance!

    I would like to touch on an area of preparedness that I rarely see mentioned, but which I feel is of tremendous importance and should never be overlooked.

    All of the equipment in the world does you no good if you can not perform preventative maintenance on it, or repair it if need be.

    Thus, a wise person has the skills to perform needed work on their equipment, as well as the tools, supplies, and spare parts to do the job.

    I will keep my stance on this issue as quick and as simple as I can. Suffice to say that I stock up on maintenance manuals (can be special-ordered from the manufacturers of most things such as electronics, small engines, etc.), specialized tools, and possibly most importantly, SPARE PARTS.

    Not everyone will have access to a machine shop or hardware store inventory after TSHTF. So now is the time to carefully consider what parts of your equipment may fail or need maintenance. Even things we take for granted today, small hardware and fasteners such as drain plugs, lock washers, cotter pins, etc. may be impossible to find in a survival situation. Ever notice how lighting devices are among the first to fly off the shelves when the sheeple panic due to a forecast of natural disaster? Gas lantern mantles, spare fluorescent tubes for electric lanterns, flashlight bulbs (or LED retrofit kits), and the like will probably be almost as valuable as food. Same goes for batteries; a 1.5V rated alkaline AA-sized can be used in place of a 1.5V D-sized alkaline with a couple cardboard discs around the battery. It may not have the mA capacity of a D, but in a bad situation it may be all that you have. STOCK UP NOW!

    Take a moment and go through your supplies, use a notepad to jot down ideas, I bet we will all find things that should have spare parts and/or specialized maintenance supplies on hand. Then go out and order those items while you still can!

    Some ideas...shoelaces, nuts/bolts/fasteners, Fastex buckles, Velcro, rubber o-rings, gaskets, wire and connectors, 550 cord, knife/hatchet sharpeners, multimeter, SWR/power meter, engine compression tester, other specialized test equipment, spark plugs and wires, etc.

    Remember...if it has moving parts, it can fail!!!!

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    Great post methusaleh :)

    Very true, we all need small parts, hardware and stock... how you gonna put that plywood on the windows when you do not have the screws it takes let alone the plywood???

    Don't forget to think in bulk amounts either... several 3lbs containers of screws may save your rear... and it may make a great barter item...

    Also consider getting tarps, roofing materials, and other home repair items... think way ahead of the curve!


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      Thanks for the reminder.
      I need to make a list.

      God's Peace


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        Machining parts

        I have been getting into machining parts, as one of my hobbies is
        restoring automobiles and I want to build up a stock of raw materials
        in the event of trouble. I have a generator with capacity to run any
        of my metalworking tools and some fuel stored. I believe that making
        repair parts might become a more valuable skill in the event of societal
        breakdown. (Working as an accountant, not so much)

        Fortunately I have other skills
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          I bought all the hand crank flashlights in my store and several others to use as barter if needed.I also have a whole display of Duracells in the stockroom i never put out for Christmas if there is a run on batteries. I try to keep backstock on plenty of canned foods in the event i need to buy a bunch at one time.
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            Parts for Equipment- Fuel, fluid, filters, belts, plugs, hoses and tires. Generators, motor vehicles, pumps and others won't do you any good owning if you dont have the parts to keep them running.


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              Having some knowledge of blacksmithing and tooling, creating something out of scrap is a helpful tool I posess(sp). A big box of various bolts, nuts, screws and nails might not seem useful at the time, but as an old saying goes, "The thing you think is junk today, and throw away tomorrow, is the same item you'll need next week to fix what you bought yesterday."
              "Reject the basic assumptions of civilization, especially the importance of material possessions." "The things you own end up owning you"-Tyler Durden


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                More good info to learn.