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My cheap containers for burying.

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  • My cheap containers for burying.

    If I really want to bury this stuff. I get a five for six gallon bucket from a buddy that paints houses. He cleans them for me after he uses them. I put in it what I want, take off the metal handle(its going to rust away anyway). I get a tube of that clear 30 year silicone seal. I liberally squirt it inside the rim of the lid that fits on the bucket.Put it on the bucket I then dig a big enough hole to bury the container just where there is about a angle of one end of the top of the bucket, is about 1 inch higher than the other side. So moisture maybe slopes on off the bucket.
    I have did this with 55 gallon barrels too. Pack a lunch for this one,ha,ha.
    I take food grade barrels, cut about a 1 1/2 foot circle in one end. Fill it with what ever you have to. Use a jigsaw to cut. I then use again the silicone seal to put in the inside cut of the drum. Let it dry very well. I then resquirt silicone on the dried silicone. Put on my cut out plastic piece. I again squirt silicone on the rough side of plastic and on top edge of plastic. I take out bungs and squirt silicone on them and reinsert. I then cover it with 8 mil plastic on top and leave enough going down the side to have a rubber bungie go all the way around just under the lip. I have this tied through the eyelets with craft wire that is stainless steel.I have one barrel that is the oldest one and it is still sealed and buried for going on 10 years. Looks good every summer. Just dig enough to take a peek and cover back up.Put back on native plants and wait. For whatever.....

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    I've used the 5 gal buckets,not the silicon.Those are history now though thanks to a forest fire.I just didnt have enough cover on them.Anyhow, learned my lesson and took it as a loss.It won't happen again.
    Buckets are a bit bulky to pack in a few miles but make a good chair till you bury them.


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      Hey thats a good one. I didn't think about fires and we haven't had any where our stuff is. The tops are always 2 feet below the ground. Even the 55 gallon barrels. One of my buds said he'd go bury a bucket dressed like our chaches and build a big campfire over it and let it cook for a hour.


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        what are you putting in your buckets? and are you burying them on your property, state land? how are you marking the location?
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