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Custom Sized Water Proof Containers

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  • Custom Sized Water Proof Containers

    I camp alot on the water, so I'm always looking for affordable water proof containers for my gear. This morning I thought of a way to build custom sized containers. I'm in construction and always carry blue prints with me. I built this to carry my blue prints & it also fits my portable 2 meter antenna. This could also be used to bury supplies (like canned food).
    I am sure this not an original idea, but it might help someone. Just cut to what ever length you need. I saw 4", 3", 2" and 1 1/2" ABS Pipe diameters.

    ABS piping is simular to PVC only black, lighter in wieght and less brittle.

    Parts List for my blue print container:
    10' -3" pipe $10.31 (I have extra for later)
    2- caps $4.63 each
    1- female adapter (threaded) $3.33
    1- male adapter (threaded) $3.43
    1- pack of primer & adhesive $5.96

    To flood test it after you have built it, fill it with water & check for leaks.
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    Very nice :) Good writeup :)


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    beat you to death with it because it is empty.

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      I thought of a million more uses afer I posted this:

      1- Make Small ones 1-2' long for survival kits to keep in the car
      2- Doubles as a canteen
      3- Use a 1" and a step up at the end (to fit a reel) for a fishing rod case
      (I spent $50 for my fly rod case).
      4- Use 550 cord- cobra woven for a sling for it
      5- Add water proofing to the threads- petroleum jelly.

      6- This list goes on, Interesting what can be accomplished with a limited budget and an imagination.
      “Our Band is few but true and tried," reguarding the Swamp Fox