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A New Use for Pocket Hand Warmers

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  • A New Use for Pocket Hand Warmers

    Folks, if you are out in a snowstorm and, for whatever reason, your firestarting devices are lost or out of reach, there is still a way of melting snow and ice to make water without eating snow and ice and subjecting yourself to hypothermia and without putting ice against your body and subjecting yourself to frostbite:

    Just activate your Hothands (TM)...

    Place them back into the foil package...

    Then duct-tape your foil-wrapped Hothands to your snow-filled cup and cover the top with a foil-wrapped Hothands {TM)

    On a thick plastic Thermos Cup, Hothands (TM) starts melting ice in less than an hour after the Hothands (TM) heat up in 15-30 minutes. With a metal Cup, one can imagine the melting time would be even less.
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    Dang TUO... now that is 'thinking outside the box!' Thought my electronic use in cold weather was a good idea, but that is brillant :cool:

    Wonder what else you can think of to do with these things besides the obvious???


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