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Trench Grill

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  • Trench Grill

    I had talked about this Purcell Trench Grill in the past, but wanted to post a few photo's of it in use. I understand they aren't all that cheap, but will last longer then me, it's very light, packs very well (flat), no legs (that's a plus for me), comes in a durable case, can be used in numerous ways, it's made out of stainless tubing here in the USA and it cools VERY, VERY fast!!!!

    Because it has no legs I can set it up as close to the ground as I want.

    In this set-up I set it very low in a rock grouping and just fed it twigs. It worked great again!

    One of my best investments!

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    Very cool.
    It's just the little grill you're talking about, right?
    How much does that thing cost?
    I'll keep my guns, freedom, and money... YOU CAN KEEP THE "CHANGE"!


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      Echo like...:)
      Live like you'll die tomorrow, learn like you'll live forever.