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  • Hand Saws

    I do quite a lot of arborist type work. When I say a lot, I am speaking of yearling tree trimming for a city's whole park system (some 30 parks with over 1000 acres of trees). As well as doing storm damage cleanup throughout the whole city.
    While I mainly use chainsaws and polesaws, there are small trees that are much faster to trim if you use a handsaw or a set of loppers.

    I have used just about every brand of hand pruning saw that can be purchased from Lowes, Home Depot, Kabota, and various lawn and tree care tool stores.

    By far, the best hand pruning saws I have ever used are the products made by
    Silky Saws. Their saws are amazingly sharp, require half the effort of the 2nd best handsaw I've ever used, not very expensive, have replaceable blades and blade types. They have straight blade saws and folders.

    An example of the ease and speed of the saws are .....
    This morning I spent and hour and a half trimming some trees, using only a Silky Gomboy folder. There were enough limbs to fill up a Peterbuilt Dump Truck with a 17 yard demolition bed.

    As a professional, I would suggest Silky for the best survival saws on the planet.

    They make them as small as 5" folders (Pocketboy) to a monsterous thing called a Katana

    Their blade designs are what makes them work so well. The teeth on the blades are inline with the rest of the blade (they do not splay out to the sides of the blade as does most every other on the market)

    They are made in Japan

    I hope this helps those who have been wondering about a good survival saw.

    You should be able to find some youtube videos if you want to see how easily they cut.
    1371 and a honey bun -- BOOM!

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    Great post. Good info thanks.


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      Silky does make great saws! I'll be ordering one just like my brothers soon.