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Gerber Shard

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  • Gerber Shard

    I was looking for a decent bottle opener for EDC ( I'm rather fond of a Guiness Stout every once in a while, and they don't twist off), and of course I wanted a multi-purpose item if possible. I decided to try the Gerber Shard, which I picked up from Best Glide a few weeks ago for around $5.00. The Shard is nothing special really, but it has proven useful a few times since I've started carrying it. The screw drivers (2 flat and 1 phillips) are actually decent for small jobs. I removed one of the hinges from my office door as a test. The pry bar, though small, is more than enough to get elevator doors to open enough to get fingers in place to finish the job... Yes... I tried this too. The nail puller is all but useless. It will dig under most smaller nails easily(8p and smaller) but only lift the head 1/2" or so out of the wood. Oddly, the bottle opener was the biggest let down (for me) of all of the functions. It takes a little patience to line the bottle cap tooth (Yes tooth...singular.. the Shard will not contact more than one at a time) with the Shards opener. I plan to remedy this with lots of practice.:cool:
    Overall, I like the Shard, and it will continue to have a home on my keychain until it fails or I find something different.

    Just thought I'd share:D
    The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.

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    cool! thanks for sharing!
    If the zombies chase us, Im tripping you!!!


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      Nice piece of gear. I use the lanyard loop on the main spring housing on my Colt Series '70.


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        Live like you'll die tomorrow, learn like you'll live forever.


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          cool, i like it.


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            Nice little tool to have, I've ordered from them do you like ordering from them?


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              Originally posted by Snow Walker View Post
              Nice little tool to have, I've ordered from them do you like ordering from them?
              I like Best Glide a lot. Fair pricing, fast shipping and my orders (about 5 of them so far) have all been accurate and well packaged. I've only ordered small items and trinkets so far like signal mirrors, ration bars, fresnel lens' and such... Got my Mora from them as well.
              The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.