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  • shop at a DRMO

    Something I noticed, most people have never even heard of a DRMO or Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office.

    Ive been to several over the years, you can buy anything from old hummers, to Huey's ( depending on location).

    sleep mats, alice packs, P38's, C rats, sleep systems, parkas, Stainless steel Counters and prep tables. in short anything and everything that has been used by any office or unit in the military from Korea to modern times. some of it is cheaper than all get out. a buck for two mess kits, or ten cents for a P38, a Hundred dollars for a GP medium.

    But for preppers its a paradise of what nots.

    heres a link that can show you the closest DRMO to you.

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    I thought it was all sold through gov liquidators, they have a walk in location where you can buy at fixed prices???

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      they usually have a place at the DRMO facility, or did the last time I went to one. its usually a big warehouse with lots of filled shelves and bins, and once a month they have auctions, where you can buy stuff by the pallet.

      a friend of mine completely outfitted the Kitchen of his restaurant at a DRMO auction. LOL

      Ive toyed with the idea of buying at DRMO then setting up BOB's and Survival boxes for sale. but then I usually have more pressing things to spend my money on. LOL