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Slowz1k GHB (Get Home Bag)

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  • Slowz1k GHB (Get Home Bag)

    The following is a break down of my GHB. I got off work a little early yesterday and decided to pull the bag out of my truck, rotate a few items, and grab a few photos.
    This bag was primarily designd as a "light" three day bag, and should be more than enough to get me from my office in downtown Greensboro, NC, to the safety of my home which is approx 10 miles out. The contents are seasonal, and with the arrival of spring, I have removed some of the cold weather gear that I was carrying. (watch cap, gloves, thermals, light blanket)
    It's also pertinent to know that this bag would be augmented by the tools and items in my EDC.

    The first pic shows the GHB with related items that reside in my vehicle. Depending on the situation, all items might go with me, or none of them.. I would rather have it and leave it than need it, and not have it.

    Left to right:
    FAK (I'll save the contents of this bag for another thread)
    Boots (I work in an office environment. My work shoes and clothes would not be appropriate for extended hikes)
    Springfield 1911a1 with three mags
    ETool (in back)
    GHB (Surplus molle pack with 1 external small pouch, 1 water bottle pouch, and knife

    The contents from left to right:
    Toilet Paper
    Rain Poncho
    2 SS water bottles
    2 large trash bags
    2 hand warmers
    1 lighter
    2 sterno candles wrapped in foil
    1 canvas two pocket pouch (fire pouch)
    1 NC map
    1 compass
    1 can of Sterno
    1 Katadyn Hiker water filter
    1 knife
    Light weight tent fly
    spare clothes
    SS cup
    Food pouch (Blue/gray)
    1 25 round box of Remmington Golden Sabre's .45acp (Not pictured)

    The "Fire Pouch" contents:
    Esbit stove with fuel tabs
    OtterBox with lighter, fresnel lens, matches (orange container), and bag of lint.
    Three packs of Trioxane.
    1 larger bag of dryer lint still in pouch, not pictured.

    I chose this particular food pouch because it is insulated (though I'm not sure how that might help, but something told me it might come in handy), plus it can also be used to carry water... Oh yeah... It was cheap too.:cool:
    The contents:
    2 potted meat
    2 granola bars
    2 powerbars
    1 5 hour energy
    2 salmon pouches
    3 Spam Singles
    1 Surplus GI Mess kit that holds various drink powders, instant coffee, honey packets, mustards and sauces, as well as a cheesey utensil set, napkins, and more TP.

    Spare clothes: Pants, T-Shirt,
    Zippered pouch contents:
    2 pairs wool socks
    2 pair of skivvies (not pictured because I'm shy) :rolleyes:
    The Long sleeve camo XXL is for wearing, or could be sacrificed for material or used for covering gear.

    That's about it. The pack weighs 21lbs without water. Since a large portion of the contents are clothes that I plan to change into, space will open up for my EDC contents. The med bag can be carried over the shoulder or molle'd to the GHB. It weighs under 2lbs.

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    The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.

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    Looks like a great setup, I used to carry a shovel like that but have since switched to a small garden type shovel because of weight and size. Takes a little longer to dig a hole but the results are the same.


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      Thanks for sharing!!!
      If the zombies chase us, Im tripping you!!!


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        Very nice..Kiss approach...grab and hit the door flying...


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          GREAT post!

          You have 2 bic lighters right?

          You might want to consider a firesteel also, I didn't see one.

          Also maybe some petroleum jelly cotton balls

          Good job on the trash bags, are they contractor grade?

          Excellent on the toilet paper you'd be amazed how many people leave that out

          One thing you may want to consider is a little more food

          sunglasses, bug spray or lotion?

          small notepad and pen/pencil

          some cash in varying denominations,

          Also I always include some normal colored clothes, atleast shirt incase you need to go into town or a store and don't want to look out of the norm, also a normal colored rain cover for your pack
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            5 bic lighters (2 more from EDC, 1 in med bag)
            I don't care for the PJ cotton balls.. They work really well, but I've just never been a fan. That's one reason I go overboard with the dryer lint.
            The bags are NOT contractor grade. That is one of those "upgradable items" that I haven't got around to yet.
            I don't go anywhere with out a little TP
            Food would be a stretch for three days, but I want to keep the weight down. I have a couple Mainstay bars that I might add.
            Sunglasses are a must! They're always in the vehicle or on my head. Bug spray is a def need. I picked up a few Sawyers Maxi Deet bottles a few days ago. I'll toss one in there.
            I've got the pen's pencils and paper covered in the EDC
            Cash.. LOL I always need cash. I keep $30.00 in my wallet that's reserved for emergencies. I'm not wanting to carry coins. Good call on the rain cover! I'm going to have to look into that.
            There seem to be two schools of thought on BOB's and GHB's. The "blend in" and the more "militant" look. I subscribe more to the latter... Not because of "the look" but because when it all goes blooey, and I happen to be away from home when it does.... I want to be packed as lean and camouflaged as possible. Most of my routes are wooded, once I get out of down town. I feel that most of the looter types will be looking for the easier "joe nobody" targets hiding in plain site. I want to avoid interactions at all costs.

            I can see the "blend in" working well in a bug out situation where social interaction may be of more value.

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            The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.


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              Excellent kit slowz. Consider char clothe.
              and Pinole

              Things are seldom what they seem.


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                I was going through the GHB replacing some olive oil that was used on our last camping trip.... Forgot to bring butter or spray for the skillet. (yes... I carry olive oil in my GHB... You should too.... I get extra packets when I go to Subway)

                Anyway... Just wanted to add the recent updates that I've added since my last post....
                1 small tin of Charcloth... Thanks to O.W.'s suggestion.
                1 more commercial looking T-Shirt... Diesel is right... You never know when you might have to blend in, and it weighs nothing.
                1 Mainstay bar
                1 firesteel/magnesium bar from Harbor Freight

                Still looking for an inexpensive pack cover that I would be willing to spend my hard earned pennies on.
                The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.


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                  Great kit kind of jealous better thought out than mine the only thing i would add is a small pair of binoculars i like to scout ahead and see if I can spot trouble ahead of time although by your ordnance I think you are well prepared for trouble


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                    Nice kit brother. I wish I could get my GHB down that light. I live so far away from work that I'm in at 45+ lbs without water. One thing I would suggest is 2 forms of light. You may already have something in your EDC but it never hurts to have a backup..