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    In a post event situation, medical attention might be sketchy to non-existent. I can see a great need to not only prep FAK's, and OTC, and script meds, but also get some items that may help to prevent injuries in the first place. In this thread I wanted to cover head gear.... Anything and everything that you use to keep your thinker happy, safe, and sound.

    I gathered all of my favorite lids for a photo op.

    First... Is the shemagh that the headgear is laying on. These have more uses than I would care to list... They also seem to be a fashion statement for most of the bubblegum boy bands that my 11 year old daughter listens to... Who knew?:rolleyes:

    A few polar fleece watch caps for the winter months. I keep my head shaved to at least 1/8", so these are very important to me.

    My favorite EDW (EveryDayWear) never without it Boonie. Keeps the sun, and bugs off. Good for soaking in water and wearing on hot days. Great for keeping the sweat or rain out of my eyes. This one is 12 years old now.:cool:

    A light "sports" helmet is handy when riding mountain bikes, light climbing, dropping trees, or during any situation where blunt force trauma to the head is possible or probable. I could see possibly needing one of these if I was moving through a "riot" area, where there may be multiple projectiles in the air. I'd hate to be packed and moving out only to be taken out by a beer bottle.

    The last one is pretty self explanitory. Just a kevlar bucket for more serious activities.

    So what do you use?

    The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.

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    I got a pro-tec for the rhino hook up for NVDs....a box full of watch caps....a few boonies....a few wraps such as OD and tan...and a couple wide brim fedoras.

    I'm looking for a nice wide straw hat or two for shading purposes....we'll see.

    My typical hike EDW....tan boonie....shemagh either slung around neck or clipped to pack.
    Live like you'll die tomorrow, learn like you'll live forever.


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      I really need to get a couple shemagh's. I have a couple boonies, my straw cowboy hat, several cold weather hats and ski masks. And ball caps aplenty