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  • Crossbow?

    I just won a $500 gift card to Bass Pro and was looking to buy a crossbow. Does any one have any suggestion for my first crossbow in that price range?
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    Gratz on the win brother. I don't know anything about xbows to give advice.


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      I don't know anything about the price range now, but I bought a Horton Super mag about 4 years ago and am totally satisified with it.


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        Barnett makes a good one, I have hunted for 3 years now with a crossbow. I don't have a barnett but I've used one and it is a good bow. But you are going to pay for the name. Best thing to do is go there and look then all over and try them out. Have fun..
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          I work in an archery pro shop and have for over six years. I have been trained in the repair and service of most crossbows on the market. The shop I work in sells every big brand of crossbow on the market, so I have set up and fired each make and model out there. If you do not want to spend much more then gift card, I would recommend that you look at the Wicked Ridge line. The wicked Ridge line is part of Ten Point and from my experience they offer very good quality for the money. Now I own and have hunted hogs with a crossbow. I own an Excalibur and the reason for that is I wanted a crossbow that I could service without a bow press and that I could make my own strings for if need be. Crossbows that have compound limbs will need to be service by some one with a bow press and that is one thing I don't want have to stock during a SHTF event. Before you purchase one see if they will let you shoot them because like a rifle, fit is very important. We let people try out all of the crossbows in our shop and what I hear most from people who have never handle one is " boy these are really heavy and they are much louder then I thought". I think that crossbows make a great addition to anybodies gear.


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            I already have 2 decent compound bows. What would be the advantage of getting a crossbow? My Dad has a couple Ten Points that he swears by. Just curious.
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              No real benefit but for some one who is involved in archery and already bow hunts. The benefit of the crossbow is no real learning curve, cock, load, look down scope and fire. Crossbows are a short range tool. If you look at crossbows from a ballistics level you will see that most shoot flat out to 35-40 yard but after that they lose elevation and kinetic energy at an accelerated rate. If you go to most crossbow makers web sites they will have a chart that shows their ballistic curve. On a personal note my got to choice is my Hoyt Dorado take down recurve for a SHTF event. I do like having options though.