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INCH - Post Pics & List your I'm Never Coming Home BAG/KIT contents and gear THREAD!

This is a sticky topic.
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  • INCH - Post Pics & List your I'm Never Coming Home BAG/KIT contents and gear THREAD!

    The official INCH - Post pics & list your I'm Never Coming Home BAG/KIT gear THREAD!

    For those slightly unfamiliar with this, it's your Starting over bag or kit, where you never plan on coming back to your home or location. Slightly more robust than a BOB, and with a different mentality.

    This thread is to ONLY post pics & a list of your gear.

    Not for commentary or discussions, or critique.

    Let's keep it clean, organized and simple.

    If you have questions about someones gear or items start another thread in the gear section, for example Title: Re: Diesel's INCH gear he posted

    ** ALSO PLEASE do not hesitate to start your own thread with your pics and contents for discussion and critque in addition to what ever you post here, we encourage it!

    Let the fun begin! Don't be shy everyone has to start somewhere and everyone has different needs. Positive REP given to everyone who posts

    ////== If you need help posting pics Please read this it's easy
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    I guess everyone plans on coming home.

    Sorry. You asked for no comments, but this sticky thread has been up for a year with no replies, and I felt bad for it.

    Home is where your heart is.
    If it was man made it can be man re-made.


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      this entire idea is ridiculous. It can't be done, under the stresses that will exist in the US. IF you had an ocean-going sailing ship and tons of gear and food, you might could do it, on a tropical island someplace. However, not only are yo not going to do it with a backpack, you can't do it while walking alongside of a bicycle loaded so heavily that you can barely push it thru rough terrain. So my BOB is Also my "INCH" kit. All it has to do is get me to my BOL, which is a few hour's hike away and all of the gear and food cached there. The livestock and stored grain will alll be gone a month after shtf, and the dogs, cats, fish and game will be gone in another month, then, in another month, all of the edible wild plants will be gone in a month and the cannibalism will start.