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EDC - Post Pics & List your Every Day Carry gear

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  • EDC - Post Pics & List your Every Day Carry gear

    The official EDC - Post pics & list your Every Day Carry gear THREAD!

    This thread is to ONLY post pics & a list of your gear.

    Not for commentary or discussions, or critique.

    Let's keep it clean, organized and simple.

    If you have questions about someones gear or items start another thread in the gear section, for example Title: Re: Diesel's EDC gear he posted

    Let the fun begin! Don't be shy everyone has to start somewhere and everyone has different needs. Positive REP given to everyone who posts

    ** ALSO PLEASE do not hesitate to start your own thread with your pics and contents for discussion and critque in addition to what ever you post here, we encourage it!

    ////== If you need help posting pics Please read this it's easy
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    Slowz1k EDC

    This is my Every Day Carry.
    Contents my change depending on weather and destinations... This is what I have right now at the office.
    I'll start with the items that I have on my person. Some may not consider these items EDC, but if I'm dressed, they are on me at all times.
    G-Shock Atomic solar
    Gerber folder
    Wedge neck knife
    para-cord bracelet (6')
    Blackberry in an Otterbox
    Photon LED ligh on keychain

    The bag is a cheap Chinese knockoff of the Maxpedition Fatboy (See Omegaman and Mags posts for the real thing)
    I've carried it for about 2 years now and it's held up well, except the lining pulling away from the stitching on the front flap. A little waxed thread and an ugly stitch job and it was back in business.

    The left side of the bag has a 16oz water bottle, a small button compass, and 6' of paracord.

    The front flap zippered compartment is used for business cards and gum. Buckle has 6'of para-cord

    The top zippered compartment houses two USB thumbdrives with my entire electronic "survival" library. One fresnel lens for magnification and fire starting. One permanant marker, and a ziplock bag.

    The back Zippered compartment houses whichever pistol I happen to be carrying. Today it is the HP-22. I usually have my 1911 on my hip under a jacket, when not in the EDC bag.

    The main compartment is usually where I carry my lunch. In the back netted section I always keep a few granola bars and a small copy of the New Testament.

    The Front zippered compartment under the flap contains:
    One LED flashlight (Brinkman)
    One Gerber multitool
    One 12x25 monocular
    30' braided of para-cord
    one small spool of wire
    one Bic mini-lighter

    The right side of the bag has a small buckled pouch that contains one ziplock bag with a few yards of toilet paper.
    Beside that pouch is an open pocket with
    two pens
    One small lock blade
    One diamond rod sharpener.

    The bottom right zippered pouch holds my first aid kit, which is a cheap two compartment zippered cell phone pouch.

    The first aid kit contains (Back compartment):
    One Bic mini-lighter
    Two tweezers
    One small roll of FA cloth tape
    Various sized bandaids
    6 Bismuth tablets
    One Jet-Scream whistle

    And (Front compartment):
    Two hand sanitizers
    Three Neosprin packets
    Three Hydro-cortizone packets
    One burn-Gel packet
    Three Ibuprofen packets
    Three ant-acid packets
    Three anti-bacterial alcohol wipes
    and a few jolly ranchers for a sugar fix

    My original EDC post:
    The end.:cool:
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      So here are the contents of my Fatboy EDC bag I have carried this bag loaded like this for over a year and it has worked out great, being in black it looks more like a camera bag so it draws no unwanted attention. I have tried other cheaper bags and they were just that. The FatBoy is over built .

      Top to bottom / left to right

      Center top = Velcro zip straps
      1st row – 2 pr sterile surgical gloves, instant ice pack, water proof pouch= trauma kit- QC, blood stopper bandage, field dressing, surgical masks, space blanket, wound shield, steri strips, scalpel , tweezers, pads. Water proof pouch 2 = general medical supplies- band aids, gauze, tape and stuff. Red case = OTC meds + band aids, hand sanitizer.

      2nd row- note book full of references, 3 full size glow sticks, 12 mini glow sticks, 1 red, 1 green led light, laser w/ led, Nebo led, red led heart strobe, 3 color clip light led ( goes on shoulder strap ), battery pack, Benchmade ERT, spool braided leader wire, red pouch= hyper light back pack, Swiss tool, P-38, mini vise grips, Spyderco bat wing knife, knife sharpener, TI bar, red pen tactical pen, electrolyte drink mix, crannies, peanut butter Mil spec cell phone.

      3rd row- Pocket Ref book, lighter, lens, fire steel, water proof matches, triple action Mace, carabineer w/ cord, personal trip wire alarm, compass, empty 1 gal Mylar bag. Missing are power bars and power gels.
      I also added a rolly polly dump pouch to hold a 32 oz.water bottle or supplies. I added a water proof sea line pouch for my smart phone. I have a tops fixed blade that you see in the photo that is mounted in the back pocket of the bag in the same pocket that the pistol mounts.
      There is still more room in the bag to add stuff and I can build out as needed but as it sits is how I carry it every day every place. I have long braided para cord fobs on all of the zipper pulls
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        This is a little more than my EDC but not quit a BOB. I travel the country alot and put this together as a get home or to our BOL bag. As a matter of fact, this pic was taken in my hotel room a month ago.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	The Kit.jpg
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        From left to right:

        Stainless 32oz water bottle
        Ziplock bag containing Vaseline soaked dryer lint for tinder
        Fire steel and striker
        Small can of Sterno
        Stainless Cup
        Blue pouch carries solar charger for cell phone and compass
        Knife sharpener
        Tops Cochise model knife
        Flashlight w/laser pointer
        50' 550 cord

        First Aid Kit in a ziplock containing:
        Various size band aids
        Guaze pads
        Quick Clot
        Alcohol wipes
        Latex gloves
        Bug repellant wipes

        Emergency blanket
        Toilet paper in ziplock
        Oakley tactical gloves

        All is carried in the Mission Go Bag from S.O. Tech. Since taking the pic, I have decided to add a weapon so theres now a GSG .22 1911, 3 loaded mags and 100rds in the bag. Also, there's typically protein and/or granola bars, jerkey, nuts, ramen etc. in there as well. I just didn't have it in the pic as it's constantly munched on and rotated out.
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