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Tactical or defensive pens.

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  • Tactical or defensive pens.

    I thought I would share with others another piece of equipment I always have on my person and that is a tactical pen. Now there are many tactical pen makers or names out there like Glock, S&W, Uzi, Benchmade, Shcrade and many others. Some cost as little as $20.00 and as much as $300.00. There are custom pens and cheap china made nock offs. I would recommend staying away from pens that have big gun name logos on them or pens that look like they are weapons. The idea behind these pens is you may be in a place or situation were a knife let a lone a gun would not be permitted. In these cases it is nice to have a piece of mind in a defensive or tactical pen. These pens can be used as blunt force striking implements or stabbing weapons or pressure point implements or even plain old writing. Am I saying that this is my first choice for defense? No but it is better then nothing? Two of the models I carry are in the photos along with my EDC pocket knife and flash light. The first photo is a Streamlight Pro Tac 2L flash light / Benchmade H&K knife / Archangel Pen. The second photo is Streamlight Pro Tac 2L flash light / Benchmade 690 / Israeli custom pen. I did not to take a photo of my 3rd favorite pen, which is a Zebra M 701. The Zebra M 701 costs about $8.00 at any Wal-Mart and it is built like a tank, it lacks in weight but makes up for that in its penetrating strength. All three pens I listed are also great writers, the custom and the archangel use fisher space pen refills and the zebra uses different gel refills.
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    Where in walmart do you find the zebra M701? Is it in office supplies with the other pens?


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      good post thanks for sharing

      The best thing you can do to support the site is pass it on to your friends and fav sites like other forums, facebook, twitter etc. Let people know about us! :)


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        Our wal mart has them with all the other pens but if your store does not have them you can find them all over on line. They are a great pen and cheap.


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          Never thought of a tactical pen how does this differ from stabbing someone with my cross pen in a pinch? Ala Nicky in Casino?


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            The tactical pens are more robust and tend to have some weight.