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    Where to start? Don't buy any M17A1 military gas masks because the filters cannot be changed in under 10 minutes. They are built into the mask. Find a civilian mask used in industry, they cost about 150-200 but we are talking about you staying alive here. Make sure they use the 40mm threaded filters.

    Also nice to have is a voice box and a double filter location below the face plate. Then purchase the NATO 40 mm threaded filters. or the civilian type. A tyvex suit with built in boots and hood (used for painting) will do for most activities.

    To find the right size you should be fit tested. This included a banana oil test.

    Keep the filters in their packages. If used keep a log on time used because not only do filters have a "Used by date" but also a "Maximum amount of time". If you have purchased a good number of filters, buy a training filter for practice. You will find it is much harder to shoot with a mask on!!!!


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      Something to check into. Has anyone else bought these mask? Be nice to know which ones would be the best if ever needed. Rich your info is very helpful. But I don't think at this time I would want to purchase these. This is something that I would be watching the news and then making that decision based on what is happening in the world.