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My GHB, E&E bag and "Stranded Bag"

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  • Big_Saw
    Originally posted by The Pirate M View Post
    In you pack I saw "One EMT shear" they are good but have you seen the ACME titanium versions of them? I purchased them and they are much stronger and seem to handle much more hard work.
    awesome shears for under 20 bucks...not safety but whats so fun about being safe
    :D ?

    By SCHRADE...

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  • The Pirate M
    In you pack I saw "One EMT shear" they are good but have you seen the ACME titanium versions of them? I purchased them and they are much stronger and seem to handle much more hard work.

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  • hudson69
    My gear?

    Since discovering this site I have asked questions and read a lot. To date this is what I have (and it is ever changing).
    For my BOB (skirmish) bag, which is a LAPG Bug Out Bag I have:
    • Empty nalgene bottle with company and caribiner
    • Collapsible 12 ga. round carrier (for body armor), holds 20 rnds.
    • 5900 S&W mag (with 13 rnds).
    • MRE, disassembled for easier packing.
    • Spyderco "Police" lockblade knife.
    • Sharpee marker.
    • Mini binoculars.
    • Leatherman multi-tool.
    • Surefire 6P (with the red flip-up filter).
    • x2 speed strips; .357 magnum.
    • x2 AR mags (25 rnds each of Winchester defensive ammo).
    • Asp baton.
    • First Aid kit (generic camping type with some military CCC upgrades).
    • Spare batteries; 3v x2, AA x2.
    • Lighter & waterproof matches.
    • Latex gloves.
    • Earplugs and Semi-tinted shooting glasses (with case).
    • Emergency blanket.
    • Box of .22LR shells x50.
    • Velcro 5.11 universal holster (I dont always have a gun in there).
    • x50' 550 chord on reel.
    20 oz water bottle.
    This thing is stuffed pretty good but almost everything in it is bought on the small side. It is heavy but it works.

    For my 24-48 hr (Low intensity conflict) bag I have everything that is in the BOB bag plus:
    • Poncho
    • Fleece jacket, pretty small one, rolled up tight.
    • Cold weather gloves and knit cap.
    • Ball cap (tan, non-mil type).
    • Note pad and a couple of pens and mech pencils.
    • Small e-tool (Coleman brand, 1/3 the size of a mil type e-tool).
    • A camelback in lieu of of the water bottle.
    • 1 ltr mil canteen w/carrier and metal cup.
    • Mil type fuel tab stove (the one the size of two decks of cards side by side).

    For my 72 hr (War) bag, a BDU style, internal frame ruck used by the military in the late 90's, complete with detachable patrol pack, I have:[LIST][*]Everything from the BOB.[*]Small camp stove (military fuel cell type).[*]x5' wire (for snares and what not)[*]Fixed blade knife (no idea where I got this one).[*]Cold weather gear; knit cap, gloves, gortex tops and bottoms, thermal underwear [mil polly pros])[*]Military sleeping bags (the green and black ones)[*]leather work gloves.[*]x100' of 550 chord (in lieu of the 50' length).[*]travellers sewing kit.[*]Poncho x2 (one in my patrol pack)[*]Soft cap (neutral tan, non-mil so as not to advertise).[*]E-tool[LIST][*]Compass[*]Smith & Wesson Axe/knife combo.[*]x4 MRE's (one in my patrol pack).[*]x6 powerbars[*]2 liter canteen (on main ruck), 1 liter canteen with cup (on patrol bag).[*]IFAK cloned first aid kit and an additional generic type first aid kit.[*]Sunglasses.[*]water purification tablets (I dont have a filter yet, darn it).[*]x2 M-16 pouch (with x3 mags/25 rnds per mag; one pouch with SS109, one with defensive, silver-tips).[*]Boxes of ammo; x1 9mm (50 rnds), x1 .357 (50), x4 .22LR (50).[*]x2 cylume sticks (one in each bag)[*]Additional flashlight (for patrol pack).[*]Flares; 3 pack.[*]2nd set of firing starting supplies for patrol pack.[*]Light gloves (nomex, for patrol pack).[*]Boony cap (in ruck).[*]Spare batteries; enough to change out everything once.[*]Cable saw.[*]Camo paint (not sure why).[*]Set of tennis shoes (boots only go so far, even when gellin).[*]Change of clothes; BDU's 1 set, T-shirts x3 (various), Socks & undies (x6).[*]Camp soap.[*]Travel/Hygiene kit (including two rolls of camp style TP, one for each pack).
    This one is kept in my garage and is ready to go, wrapped in a two glad bags, with some dessicant blocks and stored in a large plastic tub. It really is an OMG I cannot believe I need this bag bag.

    For my truck I have the following:
    • My BOB is under the back seat at all times.
    • Large E-tool.
    • Good sized tool bag.
    • Axe.
    • x4 MRE's.
    • Jumper cables
    • Fix-a-flat.
    • Assortment of belts and fuses.
    • Miracle fix power putty (this stuff really works).
    • x1 gal. anti-freeze.
    • Assorted funnels.
    • Tow straps (I know I need to move onto chains).
    • Cum-a-long.
    • $200 in a spare wallet, with old ID and a charge card that has never seen the light of day (assorted bills).
    • x100' rope.
    • Repair manual.
    • .22LR scoped rifle, magazine fed (with spare mag) in a dry-stor bag, disassembled in a case and locked up tight.
    • .22LR semi-auto pistol (with 2 spare mags), in pistol case and semi-hidden with other gear and locked into my bed box.
    • Old set of military web gear (Y type LBE and web belt w/universal holster and misc. pouches [empty so as to stow as needed])
    • Full size D cell mag light.
    • LED type flashlight (Home depot special, x3 AAA type).
    • x6 road flares.
    • Spotlight that plugs into lighter, 25' chord, with built in tripod.
    • Leather work gloves.
    • empty, spare backpack.
    • 6 pack of 20 oz. water.
    • Camelback electrolyte tabs, one cylinder.
    • Extensive medical kit, based off of the SF Medic's bag, as close as I could get anyway.
    • Roll of toilet paper.
    • Roll of paper towels.
    • Hand cleaner/sanitizer (foaming type).
    • Mirror (steel).
    • Whistle.
    • Motor oil; x4 qts.
    • Plastic tarp.
    • Camp chair with carrier.
    • Camping stove (backpacker type with fuel tabs, I bought several of these and stuck them in everything, including my wifes SUV).
    • Binoculars (full size pair, with soft case).
    • Ammo bag with misc. amounts of all my standard firearms.
    • x3 emergency blankets.
    • Poncho (I have too many of these I think).
    • Pack pole (fishing equipment).
    • Cold weather gear; gloves, knit cap, gortex jacket, fleece liner jacket, balaclava.
    • Survival type fixed blade knife.
    • Camp cook ware.
    • Waterpurification tabs.
    • Waterproof matches and lighter(s).
    • Safety glasses (light tint, enough to be useful as sunglasses).
    • Regular pair of sun glasses.
    • multiple pairs of foamy ear plugs.
    • Tactical gloves.

    This is just what I can remember off the top of my head. Photos will follow in the hopes to get some feedback.
    Most of this stuff my wife wonders why I have and is the reason to bag it and spread it out.

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  • The Oracle
    Dermabond is a good thing to have in your BOB. It's surgical superglue. It can be bought fairly cheaply on Ebay.

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  • prkchp76
    hey za i personally like the redundaces i guess these people have have never been stranded with out a light or a wet lighter and so on i like the small light which i have similar ones but i mixed it up some and have about tweenty various colored glow sticks as well and i want the hammy lisc but dont know where to go here in sc

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  • Zombie Axe
    Thanks Mags:)

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  • Mags
    Z Axe great post! Lots of gear and redundency. I've been putting together a GHB post myself.

    Get that post up Hudson69!!!

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  • prkchp76
    rusty YES you can drink everclear for bonded liquor it aint bad .they do make them in mini bottle size as well

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  • hudson69
    Need to review when I have more time

    I will post my bag after I review this one and note any changes of note and or why....

    Good set up, when I post mine I will be asking for a lot of input...

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  • Zombie Axe
    Welcome aboard droc :)

    The Backpack is a SPEC OPS T.H.E pack

    Great pack, but sadly empty again as I upgraded to a Blackwater 3 Day Pack which holds a bunch more stuff :) I feel a photo essay coming on ;) Will be turning that T.H.E Pack into a Tac bag as it is too nice to stay empty!!!

    I understand about the travel light bag... This bag has several purposes, thus the EXTREME redundancy. If it was simply just to walk home, would probably only need food, some way to purify water, first aid kit and a poncho (the kenno bag is a very nice bag for this simple and effective). However in fufilling the 'Stranded Bag' concept I may hafta shelter in place for a time and that redundancy comes in nice for me :)

    So pick out what works for you from mine and go with it. There are no right or wrong answers, just opinions on what might be needed, so punch your own ticket :)

    Congrats on learning the stuff for ham radio, trying to get the low lifes on here to get theirs so we can talk!!!

    A handie talkie (HT) is a great radio for the bob, that is light years more effective than FRS/GMRS/MURS. I don't have any first hand experience with the VX-6R, but its ancestor the VX-5R I do. Great radios with plenty of receive... to bad they are going digital with the TV signals as you could listen to your local stations... I am sure the VX-10R (not made yet) will have this capability.

    I prefer the Kenwood TH-F6A for 2 reason... One it is IMHO easier to use. Two, it is currently the only HT that can RX USB/LSB (upper/lower sideband aka HALF of the AM carrier) so it makes for a much more useful package. Granted NONE of them do good on Shortwave AM with the stock antenna... gonna hafta spool some wire in the air for that!!! They do OK for what they are though...

    As for mountaintopping, that is a very effective way of getting your signal out... that is why repeaters and police/fire/ems towers are there as well. You can also add a telescopic whip or handheld bead and REALLY reach out and touch someone! I can't give you a range for 2m, but it is the BEST option for simplex 2 way comms in the world!

    So when you get your bag put together, take some pics and show us what you came up with... we can all learn from each other... Now get busy ;)

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  • droc420187
    What kind of Backpack is that ZA? I am looking for a BOB like yours, going to start to put one together soon when I get some money saved up. I already have lots of camping/backpacking equipment but I am looking for a dedicated backpack where I can store everything, ready to go. My pack probably won't contain as many redundancys as yours, I'm from the light and fast school of thought and like to pack minimal, for backpacking I carry a stove, fuel etc, but for a bug out scenario I'd rather go with campfire, unlimited fuel in the woods, dont have to lug around a stove, fuel, etc, just a means of starting a fire, just my 2 cents. Also see that your a Ham, I am taking my test soon and have been looking into handy talkies, specifically the yaesu vx6, do you have any experience/recommendations with this radio? I am looking for something that does dual band and I can listen to all local fm/am/wx as well. do you have any idea how far that thing would transmit? I understand that 5 watts isn't very much and I do live in a hilly region, smack in the middle of New Hampshire just south of the White Mountain National Forest, but say I was to get to the top of a hill? Also looking into a ruger 10/22 for small game, ive got my xd9mm for 2 legged threats, no real 4 legged ones, black bear are more afraid of you and only interested in food. Thanks!

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  • Zombie Axe
    Thanks Rusty:) I just figured with EverClear, it was twice the horsepower in the same size... Always trying to consider the volume to power ratio ;)

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  • Rustyshakelford
    I could not find Everclear in airline sized bottles. I did find it in pints, and a plastic bottle pint too. I did find Jaegermeister in small bottles though. :D

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  • Zombie Axe
    [QUOTE=das;1713]Cash? Emergency contacts list? Tablet/notepad and pen? I'm just brainstorming from your list now. I use a monocular in my kits...I wish someone made a stabilized version! A monocular and binoculars both....okay.

    Have you considered mounting your medical kit on the outside of your pack for fast access? I might also suggest a certified air filter, ear plugs, two handkerchiefs and goggles might be worth considering for disaster purposes. Consider a few trauma bandages, medical tape and a SAM splint for your med kit. Butterfly sutures are also much better than super glue if minimizing scars is a priority.

    Good Idea on the contacts lists. Wife and I do have a commo plan in place both celluar and via ham radio (she is a ham as well).

    A GLARING omission is the lack of a writing tablet and ink pen... CRAP! Fixed :) I also need to add my Survival FM and edible SE plants guide as well.

    The Pack has 3 compartments, the top one has MOST of the medical/hygiene stuff in it for ready access. Don't have a SAM splint but can easily field expedite one if needed.

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  • Zombie Axe
    Originally posted by Rustyshakelford View Post
    Not sure about Everclear in small bottles. I do know that you cannot drink it straight. At least I cannot. I will hit the local liquor store today and report back.
    The things you hafta do for this group RS ;)

    I need to edit my list later on to add a small fishing kit as well as some small diameter wire for snare making.

    Das, I totally understand your concern about the missing multi-tool. Fear not, it is one of my EDC (every day carry items) SAK multi-toolas well as a Kershaw Blur, Blackhawk Gladius (the cr-123a batteries are for this) as well as a Zippo and peanut lighter. In my work bag I also have a Leatherman as well as another ham radio HT (Yaesu VX-5R) so I have some extra.

    My work bag has mainly spare clothes, winter wear (insulated coveralls) as well as high quality gore-tex rain gear... also have 3 pairs of boots and a pair of walking shoes to take a hike @ lunch time. Add a pair of Nordic Walking Sticks (which double as tent poles) and I have quite a kit!

    As for the Kenwood TH-F6A ham radio, it will transmitt on 2 meter, 70 cm, and 1.25m hand bands. The reason I picked this particular rig is for its wideband rx capability. NOAA, public service (not trunked), aircraft, am/fm broadcast, as well as am shortwave and even ssb (single sideband aka half of an am carrier) which is currently the ONLY Walkie talkie to have this capability! I do need to add that new little CC sw radio to the kit so I can have a backup! Add 2 lithuim batteries and no worries!

    As for the chem lights, I have mixed results with them. The 7 keychain led lights cost a little more than a good light stick, last longer, are brighter, can be switched off, and are disposable and also take a fraction of the space of 7 light sticks. They are simple and reliable as well. On Halloween I went through 20 newly purchased light sticks, only 6 worked... I do like light sticks, but these Led keychain lights from CC have replaced them in my kit.

    Yes I do need to add some water purification tablets. Mine from my older bob were expired, so will hafta get some new ones to add to the list. I can also boil water in my mess kit, but it doesn't remove chemicals. Also not shown is the plastic spoon/forks inside mess kit...

    As for the weapons yes I omitted them for OPSEC. I do have some military training for weapons but nothing more than anyone else who enlisted during peacetime. I am also a CCW permit holder and have various local training in advanced techniques, nothing special, just more involved than poking holes in paper. Don't worry about my weapons capability, I am well protected when the situation warrants it. So sorry no gun porn today!

    I do need to add some contractor bags as well as the other suggestions. Thanks for the tips and tricks. I know that this is more than I need, but I don't feel lacking in any department if I find myself needing something from my possibles bag!
    Last edited by Zombie Axe; 11-03-2008, 03:18 PM.

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