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Cheap things to buy for your BOB.

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    I put together a bug out kit that includes the following items
    12x16 tarp
    6 aluminum ground stakes
    75' 3/8 heavy cordage
    1000' Catfish/snare line
    200' 550 paracord
    neddlenose/linemans/dyke pliers
    4 emergency blankets
    4 od rain ponchos
    Gerber MarkI
    Gerber LMF
    Gerber Parang
    Daisy sling shot/1000 rounds of ammo
    250 pc med kit
    2lbs jerky
    24 granola bars
    metal signalling mirror
    6 4" solid rings (make great block and tackle)
    bobber, spinners, hooks, sinkers etc in separate small kit.
    All this packed into a three compartment "outdoor products" back pack
    Most emergencies will last about 72 hours, hopefully this will outlast that time frame!


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      Forgot the fire kit
      200 wood matches dipped in parafin wax
      ferrocerium striker kit
      50 cotton bals dipped in parafin
      small bottle hand sanitizer

      6 light sticks
      screamer n/p whistle
      silva pro compass
      copies of birth certificates, marrige lic.


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        Plastic bags (freezer and garbage)
        Rubber tubing
        Electrical ties
        Cord (550, jute twine)
        Small bottles of hand sanitizer/soap
        Small note bad
        Small back-up compass
        Small piece of cordura (3'x3')
        Emergency blankets
        DIY Firestarters
        Bicycle innertubes (For fire and heavy duty rubberbands)
        Cotton balls/vaseline
        Empty film canisters/medication containers
        Personal/Medical Records
        Denatured alcohol and/or rubbing alcohol
        Brown rice, Ramen noodles, Spam
        0000 steel wool
        Strike anywhere matches
        9 hour candles
        Trioxane fuel
        Chemlight sticks
        Coffee filters
        Dryer lint

        Great post! It's the little things that can make a difference!

        Here's another idea in the picture below...
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