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I am looking for a good 1" diameter flashlight.

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  • I am looking for a good 1" diameter flashlight.

    I just ordered a nice flashlight mount, but the streamlight stinger will not fit in the mount. I am dissapoointed, but I do like the mount. Anyone have any ideas of a good but cheap light?

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    Check out Eagle Tac lights online: They have phenomenal lights, albeit not the cheapest, but you can score one for under 100 bucks and to me, thats cheap for a good light that wont let you down when you need it!
    I have the T20 Mark-II and its absolutely the best light I've ever owned. It, and some of their other lights are weapons mountable on a 1" mount. I did a fair amount of research before I ended up with this one and it is by far the brightest light in its size that you can probably find! I have a Streamlight Stinger and have had it for years. Great light! But when I shine it on a wall, my smaller and lighter T20 totally drowns out the Stingers beam! Plus the T20 has features such as a tactical strobe, has 3 brightness settings that have progressively longer run-times between battery changes, the list can go on LOL!


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      You must not have the Streamlight Stinger DS LED. The DS means dual switch. The led is crazy. Im really set on spending no more than maybe $40 on a light. I spent nearly $200 on the streamligts. Thank you though.