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Good choice for a ten?

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  • Good choice for a ten?

    I have 2 tents right now, but would like to find a very lightweight, but large and durable tent. A good backpack tent. I like the small 2 man 2 part tent from the army surplus stores, but dont like that it does not have a floor. Point me in a good direction please.

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    Go to they have every tent ever made in every price range with user comments
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      Seems to be my favorite so far.

      Cant post a url due to being too new. Search this in google: Camouflage 2-Man Two person Trail Tent

      First one that comes up. Ill order 2 of them so Ill get free shipping and $100 for 2 tents weighing 4.5 lbs. Works for me. (Ill have one tent in my pack and one in the girlfriends pack. One for us and one for gear.)


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        Watch this : For their limited benifit, tents are heavy and take up too much space .... carry water instead.

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          Check this site out. I own the Rainshadow 2 and its just the coolest backpacking shelter ever. I needed something lighter than what I had and eventually found Henry Shires. His shelters are the ultimate ultralight tent that will actually protect you from the elements. I usually backpack alone, but at 2.5 lbs total weight, I said screw it and got the 3 man. I have a ton of space for my gear, it utilizes either a tree, or hiking poles to set it up, which I use dual hiking poles anyway (bad knees) so that was a no-brainer. I'm really surprised that more backpacking tent makers do not make that an option to save on weight.
          Anyhow, I have been stuck in a couple different storms while backpacking with this shelter and stayed totally dry, while my buddies, with their 400 dollar backpacking tents that are half the size and twice the weight of this one, got soaked to the bone.
          He does require you to seal your own seams, and I simply used some 100% silicone caulk and mixed it with Coleman fuel to make it liquidy and painted all the seams with that. It is a very minimalist shelter, basically a tarp with a floor and bug screen. it is awesome though if you like the feeling of sleeping outside, but without the bugs or the rain being an issue :D
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