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  • General purpose camo color choice - discussion

    OK I figured I would take a bunch of discussions I am involved in both online and at work, and roll them into one for the purpose of sparking conversation here on XC. So here we go!

    Let's discuss our opinions on different camo schemes for general purpose use. I do not mean specialized things like snow or desert camo (unless you live in the desert and that is your usual AO), but wondering what you folks think of various camo schemes in general.

    I'll start off. I am sure I will forget many points and may come back and edit this, or just see what all of you can jog in my memory.

    I am not going to re-post the zillions of camo comparison test photos you can see online. I want real-world ideas from people like us, not just studies and observations from people whose concerns may not be the same as ours.

    First of all it seems pretty much consensus across the board that camo is only effective to the naked eye for about the first 100m or so; beyond that a monochrome scheme like OD green or coyote would be all you would need to conceal from an adversary who is not using optics. I understand that, but all things considered, let's discuss camouflage colored setups. Mainly focusing on the uniform (hat/jacket/pants) itself, but of course gear color can play a role. Though personally I vary my gear colors among my MOLLE pouches, to help furthur break up my silhouette.

    Woodland - It''s what I used for 99.9% of my military service, and it's what a great deal of my "accumulation" of gear is. It has served me well in all kinds of environments, even where we probably should have been issued a different color of uniform. I believe it still is worth keeping in my inventory so I do. It has its time and place among woodlands here in New England, especially in thickly-forested areas.

    UCP (aka Army ACU pattern) - I never received my full issue of UCP colored gear before I left the Guard, however my observations are that it seems like mainly an urban pattern until you get the fabric quite dirty. Then you are left with a somewhat monochromatic scheme, perhaps good for desert, rocky terrain, or light underbrush. I do not purchase or keep any UCP items in my survival gear, however I have some of my old Army items kicking around in case I feel I need them.

    Tiger Stripe - I have never owned any gear with this pattern, although I have seen it used effectively in paintball games in New England. I just feel that there are better choices out there for the terrain in my AO, rather than something that incorporates a lot of horizontal, linear-based coloring.

    Multicam - It took a while and some demonstrations to convince me of the effectiveness of this pattern and its place in my heart, but now I love it. I work in law enforcement and I was issued MC gear sporadically throughout 2009, and now have a full loadout. I have only used it in training however MC seems to be an excellent pattern for all but the thickest brush or greenest field here in New England. I can envision the tan-based color scheme being effective in a wide variety of environments all over the country, however for me the jury is still out on just how versatile MC will end up being. I have acquired MC gear to be part of my survival setup and will continue to do so.

    Mirage (by Bulldog Tactical) - This is a new pattern that we are testing at work. I do not believe it is possible for civilians to purchase it, as the only place I know of to purchase it is the manufacturer's website, and even I had to jump through hoops to get an account there. Mirage is heavy on the greens and rust-brown, for lack of a better term. Almost reminds me of a digital German Flecktarn pattern. Most areas around here are snow-covered so there has not been much testing of Mirage so far, however it looks very promising for a pattern for moderate to dense forest and pines, as we have around here. I can ask for permission to post photos if anyone is interested in seeing what Mirage looks like. I do not believe their comparison photos are accessible to the public.

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    Good topic.

    I'm on a budget, so much of my gear is a hodge podge of different stuff and patterns, almost all of surplus military origin. I think that here in North Carolina the best pattern that I've seen would be Realtree AP or APG , used by hunters. The military patterns are good at blending with most environments, but are not "great" at blending with any. I would like to have at least a few items in the real tree patterns, since they blend well with my area.
    The last image is APS... Thought it was too cool not to include.

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      my personal favorite is tiger stripe my best use is marpat reason being here in sc we have swamps sand dunes and some mtns just work well
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        In general Ilike the old WW2 Olive Drab, it bridges the gap between brown and forest green. from what I have seen it blends well with most environments. Of course it is very hard to obtain now, though the old Belgium and russian stuff comes close, choice of size and condition is very iffy. getting back to camo patterns, I would now go for Multicam even over Flectarn.
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          Real Tree,and Mossy Oak work well here in Ky,My personal preference is the Mossy Oak , but I still like the Jungle camo from the Viet Nam era. We used it for several years before all these new patterns came on the market and did just fine, I've had humans walk close enough that I actually thought they were going to step on me yet they never saw me.And believe it or not I had a squirrel come within two feet from me once while I was sitting on the tree stump bow hunting , the stump he used to cut hickory nuts on.
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            Mossy Oak ,Real Tree or woodland bdu ,but i like the muiltcam you were talking about i look it up and it looks like it would work very good hunting hogs in the bottom lands .it looks like it would have a much wider range of use and that is a good thing in Texas.


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              My two cents... Most camo patterns are more or less equal, in as much as they will help to break up your outline and "hide" you, but only if you are not moving. Obviously some patterns will work better in certain environments than others, but I do not care what kind of camo you are wearing, if you are moving I will see you. Movement is what gives you away; you can wear a brown pair of pants and a dark green shirt, lay flat on the ground & cover your head, and if you don't move, become "almost" invisible. Don't start on ghillie suits- same principle applies- it only works if you stop moving. My two cents are based on many years in the field, both as a game hunter and as a professional soldier: movement kills.

              To answer the original question: My personal pick for "all around" (if I could only choose one) would be OG107 Type II jungle fatigues.
              PrkChp- If I lived in a black water swamp I would also in original asian tiger stripes (not the green one, the brown ones).