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Here is what is in my bag

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  • Here is what is in my bag

    Here is what I have so far folks. I welcome all criticism and suggestions.

    Two rough use knives(one large and one small) and a machete
    Self powered radio
    Six pack package of disposable lighters
    Survival handbook
    Flashlight and extra batteries
    6 glow sticks
    Magnesium fire starting tool
    Cotton, steel wool, and fire starting blocks
    Insect repellant and sunscreen in squeeze bottle
    Two mosquito nets for head
    Water purification tablets(three packs)
    Leatherman type multi-tool and a good folding knife
    Quality compass
    Hobo utensil set
    Camp axe with belt sheath
    One deck of playing cards
    Sportsman’s cord (300 feet)
    Tooth brush, toothpaste, dental floss, soap, deodorant
    Camp style mess kit
    Various sized Ziploc bags and plastic trash bags
    Thick transparent plastic sheet 6 foot square for water pit
    Bottle of multi-vitamins
    ½ inch diameter rope, 25-45 feet
    Small pad of paper and pencil
    tape measure
    complete change of clothes including boots, socks, boxers, and bdu's
    Two canteens
    One roll of duct tape
    Work gloves
    Fishing line, hooks, bobbers, and lures
    Two extra hydration bladders
    Compact binoculars
    Emergency blankets and warming pack
    6 foot utility strap
    Super glue
    Coffee filters(Water pre-filter)
    2 match holders with waterproof matches
    Small magnifying glass
    Small sharpening stone
    Toilet paper in sealed bag
    Two pocket sized ponchos
    fifty rounds .45 ACP
    One Rock Island 1911A2
    Two enamel camp bowls and cups
    Two canned heat
    Drink mixes like kool aid single serve packs
    Soup mixes
    Instant coffee singles
    Hot chocolate packs
    Tea mixes
    Gravy mixes
    4 packs Tuna steak in sealed foil packs(Rotate)
    6 cans Vienna sausages(Rotate)
    6 cans Beannie weinnies(Rotate)
    4 ramen noodle soup
    2 canned fish snacks
    3 plastic packages of boullion cubes

    The following are things I still plan on buying to help complete the kit

    50 feet of light wire for rigging snares
    12 feet of aquarium tubing for water pit
    6 clothes pins
    southeast regional maps
    family pictures
    file for sharpening axe and machete
    gun oil and cleaning supplies
    small magnifying glass
    walking stick
    surgical needle and thread kit for cattle
    high energy snack bars
    water filter

    Now these items don't all fit in one bag. I have them separated by importance. The most important items are in my backpack and the others are in a shoulder bag. Happily the wife is as into this as I am so we are going shopping next weekend for a backpack and some gear for her. I will be able to spread some of this gear between the two packs and add more weaponry. And to think this all started with preparing for a hurricane. Not only do I feel like I am doing right by my family by preparing like this, but it really is fun searching for new ideas or better gear. It keeps me out of the bars on the weekend, lol. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions that are sure to come. You folks are great!!!

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    great post, pics?

    The best thing you can do to support the site is pass it on to your friends and fav sites like other forums, facebook, twitter etc. Let people know about us! :)


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      I need to spread everything out and inspect for damage or expired stuff so maybe tomorrow I can take some pics. Thanks for the support. :-)


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        Looks great so far, alittle heavy on the food and light on the ammo and H20 any thought yet on some type of shelter?


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          I guess I should have added that I have about 500 rounds of 5.56 in 30 round mags on a chest rig to grab with my AR-15. The wife has her .22 rifle and about 2000 rounds. I also have plenty more rounds for the .45 in a shoulder bag to grab up as well. Still deciding on what direction to go on the shelter. natural shelter is not hard to come by here in Florida. Maybe a tarp or small tent for now.


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            What exactly are you wanting to do with this kit? Will it be your BOB to get you home or to your resupply area, are will some of these items be kept in your car or all in your packs? Or are you planning on using your gear with no resupply? I don't want to seem like I am beating up your thread especially since I have a low post count, but there is alot of stuff I would personally get rid of and add some different items.