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  • Electric Log Splitter

    Thought this was an interesting option when fuel isn't available


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    Handy, but what about a maul? If I have power at some point at my BOL I'd try to throw one of those in a cache cuz who wants to screw up your lower back swinging maul right before you need to defend you loc.
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      That's actually not a bad idea! I like the lower Wattage this one uses. I guess it's been a few years since I've looked at the electric log splitters but if this was to be used strictly for in case of fuel shortages, it would work, but honestly, 1,300 watts for any length of time using solar power, not a good idea. It would be possible to use it on solar power if it were to be used during optimum sunlight periods but only if a few factors fit the scenario. Meaning - you'd have to be bringing in more then 1,500 watts of power and have the battery bank already fully changed.

      During other times, using a generator, in my opinion, at a BOL to power the electric log splitter might give away the location to nearby folks looking to find a place to hunker down or those out hunting etc.

      For on-grid homes, would it really be worth it? Perhaps!

      I have a gasoline powered log splitter I use and for a back up, I have a manual 10 ton log splitter that is beyond easy to use.
      This isn't the exact same manual log splitter I have but it's close enough for general purposes. Can be seen here

      Just my thoughts
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        Of the choices mentioned so far on this thread I like the Ryobi hands down.It's going to be quite so as to not draw attention to your location unlike a gas powered splitter.The manual splitter would be my second choice ,again because of the noise factor but after jacking on that thing all day I believe I would be one tired son of a gun,same goes for maul and sledge/ax. Also checked out the user reviews on the website and saw nothing negative.
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          used to have an old guillotine style splitter...head musta weighed around a buck fifty....worked great...grandpa built it using iron pipe for rails, skate board trucks and wheels for guides and some scrap iron for the cutter head....added a pulley and mounted the whole thing on an old oak stump...still works i think...
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