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What your edc bag and whats inside?

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  • What your edc bag and whats inside?

    Hey fellow survivalist im building another edc bag and figured this would make for an interesting post. What do you carry your edc stuff in murse, purse, bookbag etc etc. pics are nice to but not needed. please give details. (Ps ladies please dont post everybit of makeup in your purse my computer can only handle so much j/k) Oh and btw i was going to try and make this a contest but we all know mags would win;)
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    I use a tactical vest for my GHB....fully loaded for combat and quick-march home.....9mm pistol w/6 15rnd mags, first aid, emergency ration bars, water bladder, fire steel, tactical knife, compass, AO maps, space blanket, freeze-dried tobacco, $100 cash and a few gold and silver coins....

    It stays in my truck, and my truck stays within 200 ft. of me, wherever I I carry another 9mm w/2 spare mags everywhere I go....
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      My dogs are trained that well, but not my truck. Out of the enormous respect I have for Col. Jeff Cooper I never bought a 9mm while he was alive. When he died I bought a CZ-75. I love it.
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        i have a book bag slash hunting bag it has a fire steel,compass two contractor style bags two mres k-bar,boot knife,bersa three clips,two hundred rd vacum seaLED PACKS OF HOLLOW POINTS and my scanner and two way radio with extra batteries
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          3.5" Lockblade
          4"Brinkman LED flashlight
          Mechanical Pencil w/refills
          Small notebook
          28oz water bottle
          Usually a granola bar or something similar
          25' 550 paracord
          Blackberry 8830
          Small compass

          Sometimes lunch.... Sometimes a .45...... Sometimes both.

          Small 3"x4" Watertight crush proof Otterbox with the following:

          4 GB Thumbdrive with electronic copy of the survival/gardening/weapons documents that I've copied from various websites.

          Small amount of cash, and a backup credit card.

          All of the above resides in this:
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            .45 with 3 clips + a box of ammo. Hunting knife, lighter,flashlight. Thats all I need to get home.
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              Let's see if I can post a link yet.

              http :// www revisualized com/20091029_EDC/index.php
              Nope .... .... You are only allowed to post URLs to other sites after you have made 15 posts or more.
              (Remove some spaces and add some dots. lol.)

              This is what I carried with me to work this morning. And most mornings.
              1. A book. Today it happens to be Professional Penetration Testing: Creating and Operating a Formal Hacking Lab by Thomas Wilhelm
              2. Wallet (ID, Cash, Cards .. You know the drill)
              3. Leatherman
              4. Bus schedules (in case the phone breaks)
              5. 2 pencils and 1 fine tip Sharpie
              6. tissues.
              7. Breath Mints (Altoids Wintergreen)
              8. Cell Phone
              9. White cloth (For adding to 10 to wave surrender.)
              10. 18" metal baton.
              11. Digital Voice Recorder. (for recording: quick ideas, blurbs, reminders, the police when they attempt to get me to give up my rights)
              12. Some food items. (Granola Bar, 2 Fruit Bars)
              13. Eraser.
              14. mini-Altoids tin First Aid kit.
              15. Spare Batteries for the camera that I used to take the pictures.
              16. 2 little LED lights one white, one blue
              17. Moleskine notebook
              18. Advil (It should really be in the first aid kit but, I've been having headaches along with my sinus infection)
              19. iPod for the Podcasts, iTunesU and music
              20. 32oz Nalgene Water Bottle full of water.
              21. Keys with a flashlight on them
              22. Small Umbrella (Not pictured - Hanging to dry.)

              All that stuff goes into a self made type little bag. It is constructed out of 2 small bags.
              Maxpedition Monkey Admin Pouch
              Molle pouch
              2 S-biners - Large
              One Circular (not safe for climbing) type carabiner keychain things.
              Normal Bag Strap.

              Not pictured (Because I wasn't focused/awake enough to open the "Secret" sealed pocket)
              3 condoms, small peanut lighter (CountyComm), Needle with black thread, 2 water tablets.

              If you looked at the pictures when my bag is packed I put my wallet and cellphone in the spot where the camera that is in my hand would go.