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County Comm, the best website you never heard of

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  • County Comm, the best website you never heard of

    I looked through the links and didn't see any mention of County Comm.

    These folks are located out in CA and do a lot of R&D (also are part of EOD Robotics) for the Military and also find sources for them.

    Some of these items are pretty unusual and all are well made. All of the items may fill a need in your BOB or other needs. Their customer service is great but the shipping is SLOW unless you order a Watch.

    Above is my blog entry on just a few of my favorite items (at the time it was written!!! LOL). Not connected with them other than a happy customer!

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    I agree they are great. I also like but they are often more expensive.

    For a great customer experience consider not always the cheapest but unlike most they will go out and look for specialty items for you that are unavailable on other sights...earned my loyalty.

    Speaking of that does anyone have a good source for cheap hexamine heating tablets?