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Reveiw: 25 year old Trioxane fuel tabs

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  • Reveiw: 25 year old Trioxane fuel tabs

    I was sorting out some stuff in the gear locker yesterday and decided to test some very old Trioxane Tabs. My three day walk about and scurry pack is small, light and fast. I don't make room for my Whisperlite stove, fuel bottle and the likes. I would prefer to use the tabs, but these tabs are getting old and it was time for a reveiw.
    The pack did'nt break real clean as 1/3 of one tab is sufficent for a heat up.
    It kinda broke in half and was real dusty. I threw the match to it and it started with no problem. Burned for 7 minutes, heated up 8oz. of tap water hot enough for a cup of instant coffee or would mix some instant oatmeal with little problem. These things have very little flame to them as well for when it's "lights out". 25 years old! I was a little surprized. Even the dust from the packs would make a great fire starter.
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    leave it to the trusty triaxon gotta love that stuff still have some from cub scouts dont think you can have enough
    the pack that plays together stays together


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      Funny that you should post this, I unearthed some (1990s vintage probably) a few months ago and used it successfully. The foil wrapper was stuck to the fuel somewhat, and it seemed to be a little dried-out and "flaky", but still lit right up...


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        One of the local Army surplus stores is selling trioxane for a dollar a box (3 tabs) I picked up 5 boxes. Haven't tried it yet, but the packaging looks to be in good condition.
        The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.