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Truck supplies?

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  • Truck supplies?

    Hola all,
    I live in Southern Colorado near Colorado Springs, I drive a full size Chevy truck with 4x4 and a shell.

    What is a good, constant load of supplies to carry with me? I do some camping but usually it is just a trip into the mountains for fishing (I do have a regular, once a year hunting trip in October). I have a truck box; and I would like to keep it all inside this so that any unsavory types wont see what I have.

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    me personally i have a old 12 gauge an alottment of shells about 10 mres various sizes of rope an axe one of my older sleeping bags and some glow lights of course i'm assuming you know a couple of means to start a fire and so on
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      add 2 bags of sand for winter time driving can be used for traction as well as weight extra belts hoses alternator posible battery air mattress orange marking tape duct tape eletric tape machette oil couple of expandable water jugs thats all i can think od=f right now
      the pack that plays together stays together


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        I would start with a good toolbox. One you can make minor repairs to the vehicle with. Then include the common items you might have to repair plus the supplies you would need to get to your home location. From there you can load-out to get to wherever.
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          In winter I carry a duffel bag filled with winter gear/sleeping bag/candle/food. also I have a small bug-out bag, mostly water, food, 1st aid, fire starting stuff.
          The tools and extraction gear are in the rig all the time, Hilift jack, winch etc. additional 1st aid gear, binocs, machete. and old shotgun would be nice.
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            most important to thought come along
            the pack that plays together stays together