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Help I need a well made/affordable/small pack

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  • Help I need a well made/affordable/small pack

    I need a well made "Daypack" that I can carry a small sleeping bag, gortex rainsuit, minimal survival gear in. I have been looking at stuff from CheaperThanDirt in the $40-60 range about 2000-2800 CUI range, but I am worried about quality of construction and rain resistance. Modern Padded ergo straps a must, excelnt zippers, all that jazz for under $100
    I need someting that is under 8 pounds and will not break for 90 days in the field. It does not have to be camo or subdued, but I think pink is outa the question.
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    try Your dollars are pretty tight but i saw a few on sale that might suit ya. I have a old mountainsmith bugaboo that I have had for years. Very good gear.
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      Thanks; the Jansport Equinox 33 looks perfect, 2000 CUI regularly $75, now @ $40.00. Now, does anyone have any experience with Jansport products?
      The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.


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        I have a Jansport Tahoma bag that I have used for more then 12 years. Only problem was a strap finally split, but just taped it up. This has always been my go-to b mag for almost everything. I used this for backpacking, mountaineering etc. Its a mid size pack which seems perfect for most tasks. Currently its being converted to a bug out bag as my climbing activity is slowing way down. Zippers although just 2 on the hood, have never failed me. Zippers of course is what usually fails on the cheap bags, although I don't ever recall spending too much $$$ on this bag when I purchased it new.


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          our scout troup has been using jansport bags reliably for as long as the scoutmaster can remember, i've got one that i'ves used for almost 10 years, dad has one he's used for twenty, and theyve been reliable enough as hard as weve rode em


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            excelent! I'll order one wednesday.
            The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.