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    Back in the day when I was teaching Jar Heads to disassemble the Hispano Suiza 20mm there was a recoil spring that could kill you if you were not very careful. I never had a vidieo camera but could have won AFHV filming the Marines who ignored my advise! Punched a hole in a wall locker door on one occasion!
    The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.


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      Originally posted by Legionnaire View Post
      That almost makes me want to try and take it apart now just to see that in action.

      I do not recommend it. You will NEVER get it back together and when I say it has a tough spring...I mean it is tough!!


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        I like the wind up radio's and have one for the house. For my every day carry bag in the car I carry the 2x AA battery powered Gundig World Radio shortwave receiver. The radio is slightly larger than a pack of cards but has one feature I find indespensible a radio alarm that turns on the radio at a pre-set station. I think I paid $20 for it but can't find a link for it to share with everyone though there are some fancier ones now that are $40+ on the site. It also has a 12v adapter port/plug but I haven't tested that.

        For me the danger of outlasting the AA's I carry is balanced by my knowledge that if I haven't made it home by the time they run out I'm probably not going to make it any way. I have standardized on the AA battery for everything but my home gear that uses the cr123's.


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          Originally posted by Diesel View Post
          fixed, i didnt even notice that lol
          Much appreciated. Been traveling a lot lately so was pretty tired when I posted this.


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            hey at radio shack they have the wind up eton radios they have a led light a usb port radio solar power plus crank 12 volt and 110 as well for 80 bucks as well as cheaper versions down to 30
            the pack that plays together stays together