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  • Other "camo....."

    Mod’s, if this should be moved or added to an already open thread please move it.

    There has been a great deal of talk about what to wear/pack when BO with a BOB or moving around your local area after an event. Lots of pros and cons when it comes to mil-sur stuff and camouflage clothing. There’s also been dialogue about being the “gray man. “

    I started thinking about moving around immediately after an emergency in an urban/suburban type environment. I didn’t need to bug out but want to move about collecting intel and assessing the local situation. Here’s the “camo” I came up with.

    I have a couple official ID’s that have carriers so they’re displayed whether on a breakaway lanyard or clip-on case. They are not anything fake or false just not “first responder” ID’s. They will pass a glance and basic scrutiny. Next is my orange SAR helmet that I forgot I even had until I dug it up out of the gear locker today. (Actually what got me thinking about this.) I also have a reflective orange vest that’s packed in my vehicle kit. There’s no lettering on it so I would not literally be trying to pose as or impersonate any agency. (“Just wearing bright items for my own safety while I check on my neighbors, officer, sir.”) Of course a pair of good leather work gloves binered to my vest or belt. The last piece to “sell” my “camo cover” from a distance is my metal clipboard with or without an ICS coversheet showing.

    This type of guise, (slight deception but not illegal) has worked for me in the past but I will not go into details. I could always peel the SAR stickers off the helmet if there’s any chance they’d be an issue. All of this "camo" paired with a long extensive background in LE, security, military, and gov work helps me to walk the walk and talk the talk so to speak. Anybody have thought’s on this idea of “camo”?

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    Well, for me, the action is the juice.....I'm in.

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    Good idea Mags. I have the same type gear from when I was on a search and rescue k-9 team. I know one trapper who had a couple of magnets made to go on his truck that said bridge inspector and wore a hard hat when he was trapping roadway bridges and culverts to keep the tree huggers from knowing what he was doing.


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      MMM-hmm, this is the kind of thing I am huge on. I do similar things with a wide variety of personas, you might say.

      Just remember the new ANSI standard of lime yellow breakaway vests instead of the good ol' fashioned orange ;) Outdated gear will make you stick out like a sort thumb...