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Winter Outings, anybody use a Pulk or Sled?

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  • Winter Outings, anybody use a Pulk or Sled?

    Just trying to find out if anybody here uses either of these when going out in the winter. If so what is your set up and how do you employ it?

    Of course this is geared towards people who get cold and snow in the winter.:rolleyes:
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    You're the only one i have seen thus far post pics or talk about that, it's interesting if u live in a snowy region.

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      Gotcha Diesel.

      Just looking to see what, if anything people were using. My first foray into using sleds for winter travel consisted of a black childrens sled, a military camo ruck cover, couple o' bungee cords, and 550 cord as my harness.

      It was literally a pain in the azz but showed a lot of potential. Just an example of how gear can evolve as needs and abilities change........:D
      Well, for me, the action is the juice.....I'm in.


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        I think it's a noteworthy topic. When tshtf we cannot be certain it will be in the spring, summer or fall. What happens if it's in the dead of winter??? A sled would go a long way. Since seeing your sled Mags, I found a round disc sled and decided to use that if I ever needed to haul my critters and or stuff to the BOL.
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          Picture of equipment from early winter foot powered land outing. Again as experience and abilities change and evolve so must your equipment. Man that 550 cord harness sucked!

          Well, for me, the action is the juice.....I'm in.


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            Ski sled

            I built a ski sled out of old downhill skis and salvaged lumber. The nails, eye bolt and clear coat;) were new, but two of those didn't have to be. It also has a metal handle on the back of the seat to pull it from that side and aids in wrapping up the pull rope when sledding. Wax the skis and this thing flies on the ground!! It pulls easy and only sinks in the softest snow. I have two more in the works. I built this for reclined riding, the other two are going to be somewhat different with two independant brakes for steering. The one picture is my oldest son next to the sled, and the other is me pulling it...Keep warm!
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              First of all it's good to be back here...FH nice to see you still on the board!

              Mags' photos look darn near perfect for a setup!

              I've had plastic, cheap toboggans in my arsenal for a while now, but admittedly have only done a handful of drills with them. My limited experience has taught me to load most of the weight to the rear so it is easier to maneuver the sled over and around obstacles. Heaviest items go toward the bottom to avoid the load shifting if a solid obstruction is encountered.

              I am sure there is more to it that I am not remembering, it's the time of year for me to dwell on other things!


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                pulking or sleding is hard,hard work on broken ground and you need a "sled" with skegs Sportsmansguide has Swiss Army surplus pulks listed on website. Also websearch for pulks used for artic exploration, rescue work, inuit sleds ect.
                Pulking is best on deep, level, hard crusted, snow with no obsticles.
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                  MAGS A deer drag harness would work good on that.


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                    I have, but do not often use, a rescue sled that they use for Ski Patrol rescues. I think I used it twice. Now we either use the snow machine or mules. I prefer the mules.


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                      I is the mule..........

                      Well, for me, the action is the juice.....I'm in.


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                        I've been thinking about building a sled to pull small logs out of my woods, we burn wood for heat. I've cut all the standing dead wood that is easy to get to with the truck, now I'm going farther and farther off the roads and I'm getting too old to lift a ten inch locust log on my shoulder and walk out. Cutting less than 8 feet long just makes too many trips down in the gullies and walking back up.

                        So, I think a small sled that the front of the log can rest on and a good stout 3/4 inch rope to pull it with might do the trick. I pulled a few logs out last year with just the rope and it was good until I hit a rock or old stump in the path.

                        I would set up a winch to pull them out but it's never a clear path, lots of curves and switchbacks to get up the hill and sometimes I'm walking 200 yards to get up to the truck.

                        Do you think it will be worth my effort to build a sled or a waste of time.


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                          I use to use a tobogin, but those tip over easy. I like the looks of MAGS set up, but plastic only lasts so long. Working on an idea, wood frame with sheet metal bottom and sides. I'll tinker with it and try it out this winter.
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                            I built this one for our Boy Scout Troop couple years ago. But, it's too light for haulin wood and really needs a man in front and one in the rear.


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                              [I built this one for our Boy Scout Troop couple years ago.]

                              Beautiful craftsmanship.

                              Things are seldom what they seem.