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Kifaru woobie - who's got one?

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  • teach
    And to think I almost didn't look at this post because I figured it was some kind of knife, but I am glad I did. These woobies and doobies look great. Thanks Diesel and Mags.

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  • Mags
    ew, ew, Mr. Car'tier I gots one (As I wave my arm frantically from side to side.)

    I frakken love my Woobie! It blows the issue liner out of the water and run rings around my woodland/desert Thinsulate liner from BQ. I am standing in line for the new versions. They are longer and one is to have twice the insulation. Think they are going to call it the "Doobie!" Never thought I'd be ordering a doobie over the internet!

    The woobie has tie-off points so it can be used just like the issue liner. The woobie is much warmer and the feel of the material is far more luxurious for curling up with.

    I warned of this before but........If you buy one be prepared. Wives, girlfriends, kids and pets will all try and steal it from you!

    Yup, she just helped herself to it..........
    Last edited by Mags; 06-23-2009, 06:45 PM.

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  • Diesel
    started a topic Kifaru woobie - who's got one?

    Kifaru woobie - who's got one?

    Anyone own a Kifaru woobie and have feedback on it, I have heard some good things.