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  • Binoculars

    What do you guys use/like.

    If you could only have 1 pair and it had to server you for all you binocular needs... what would you pick? What brand, what make, what magnification, tint, etc...? And most importantly why (for each of the choices)?

    Picking a 2000 pair i guess is one way to do it but I challenge you to pick an affordable pair that could handle all your needs.

    Look forward to reading your comments
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    hit Wikepedia and understand more about optics on Binocular. THey can range fro a $100 to $1,000.00. the 1st # is the multiple 7x = 7 times closer. The next is the light. THe higher the # the greater it preforms at "low light" I have a few that range is size. From field to ocean. I use a set of 10X50, they are off the old sailboat and cost me alot of cash. (Steiner). I have some bushnells that do good in the field and cost less than $100 I surfed to find the styles that I had and found these at Gander. They have a range finder in them as well.
    Barska® 7 x 50 Waterproof Deep Sea Binoculars
    Designed specifically for the nautical world and boating enthusiasts, Deep Sea Binoculars offer an internal illuminated liquid-dampened magnetic compass and range-finding reticle.
    •Illuminated liquid-dampened magnetic compass
    •Range-finding reticle
    •7x magnification
    •O-ring sealed for complete waterproof protection
    •395' field of view at 1,000 yards
    I like the specs on them and the price is in a good range. If it will stay dry on the ocean, it will stay dry in the field. PF
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      I found a Fuji brand M24 7x21 military issue at a flea market for $7.00. The clarity is remarkable as compared to my bushnell 10x50 and 8x28. There is a ranging scale in the left tube and it is nitrogen purged...or so I'm told. I used it during a steady downpour the other harm done to it....or me. I saw another pair on ebay yesterday....I like it.
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        I have a pair of the Nikon Monarch 10x50 that I really like. Been using them for three years for hunting and no problems at all.


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          For general use in the truck, a pair of Tasco's, 10X25 and 12X25. For the serious work I have an Optolyth 7X50 that I got in Germany back in the '80s.

          These help with the general spotting and the scopes on the rifles do the rest.
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            Thanks for all the incite! I never even thought about a built in range finder... I am definitely liking the Barska Binoculars. Amazon has a whole bunch of models......

            I kinda like the idea of having 2 or 3 Bushnell 10x50 that cost like $30 a piece. That way if they break I don;t feel so bad.

            Keep the ideas coming if you guys have any other thoughts
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              Awesome, if your looking for smaller bino's that are rugged, waterproof and have a ranging reticle I reccommend these. The optics are good and they're pretty sturdy.

              I carried an issued pair while on deployments then bought these when I came home. They beat the pants off my couple pair of cheapo Tasco 12X25's. Since I have training and practice with the reticle I can range guesstimate pretty accurately. There the bee's knees!

              After the Gulf War, the U.S. Army decided that it wanted more "eyes" on the battlefield. The Army developed a specification called the "M-24" which was designed to be a compact binocular that would fit in the pocket of a battle dress uniform (BDU) and be as rugged, have the same magnification, and nearly equal the optical performances of the bigger binoculars. The 7x28 Apache is built to the same tough standards as the M24 binoculars. The new M24 is the first "pocket-sized" military binocular ever issued on a large scale. The optional reticle (left view side) allows for easy range or distance estimation.


              Magnification: 7x

              Objective lens: 28mm

              Exit pupil: 4mm

              Eye Relief: 15mm

              Prism type: BAK-7 14.6mm roof prisms

              Weight: 14.5 ozs.

              Field of view: 7┬░, 367 ft. at 1,000 yards

              Light efficiency: 90%

              Waterproof and Nitrogen gas filled

              Rangefinding reticle in left lens

              Focusing System: Individual eyepiece focusing

              (Sorry forgot to say these are, Weems & Plath, Apaches.)
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                I have nikon monarch 8X42 ATBs I use these for hunting for general perpose I would go with 10X42's. Nikon has a Life Time no fault warrenty and they honor it. I had a customer leave a set on his wood stove, he forgot and lit stove and melted them. I sent them back and nikon sent a new pair. Binos with small objective lens ( under 36mm ) don't preform well in low light conditions as the smaller objective lens do not let in the same amount of light. Also you want them to be gas filled ( nitrogen ) this makes them truely water, fog and dust proof. We sell steiner, leupold, minox, zeis, nikon, bushnell, brunton, swarvorski and leica so I have used them all. I say by the best that you can becuase with optics you get what you pay for. Did I say that I had to fish mine out of 26ft of salt water:( and they where a ok just cleaned them with freas water. Nikon also sent me a new scope after mine hit a rock in a fall:eek: I paid shipping only.


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                  Originally posted by Mags View Post
                  ...then bought these when I came home.
                  How much were they, Mags?
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                    I wanna say 'bout $300, I can't really remember. I know I shopped them around first.

                    Mine look like this currently.......
                    Well, for me, the action is the juice.....I'm in.