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How do I sew pockets onto my sea bag?

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  • How do I sew pockets onto my sea bag?

    I have a military sea bag which looks like a very large duffel bag except it opens on one end and it has shoulder straps. It is my main BOB as of right now. I am wanting to sew pockets and Molle type webbing on the outside in order to better segregate my gear. I have never sewed anything in my life, so I need to know what kind of special items I will need to get this done such as what kind of needles, thread, etc. Oh, and the sea bag is made of canvas very similer to an Alice pack. I can get canvas painters drop cloth and dye it for material, but hat else do I need? How do I make the Molle webbing?
    Thanks in advance for the help folks!:)

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    Sewing awl if you don't have a heavy duty sewing machine.

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      Get out your seaman's handbook, Boyscout handbook or look on the interweb for 'Lashstich, Lockstich. etc. then get a big curved sewing needle and some strong heavy polyester or nylon thread and start to stiching!
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