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My BOB Thread. (Long but I think worth a read)

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  • Very nice cup. I like the way it is made. should last a life time and more.


    • Those Salomon's look sweet! I see you seem to really like frontier pro's and I must admit the price point is pretty sweet. I've always been a chlorine or iodine dude, didn't really trust filters, how long do the frontiers last for or do you use and then just dispose?


      • Frontier Pro's are labeled for up to 50gal. That's very subjective though. Totally dependent on the status of the water to be filtered. Brakish water or water heavy with silt will clog the filter sooner than 50gal. Even when "backwashed" by blowing through it the straws are limited. They are a temporary fix not a permenent solution. Use'em up and toss'em. Well not really. I wouldn't toss it in a survival situation.
        Well, for me, the action is the juice.....I'm in.


        • Thanks Mag's good info might pick up a few for my bags as a secondary method while on the move.


          • The above is 10x too much bulk and weight. You'll have to cache 90% of that stuff at your BOL, at night, showing no light, leaving no sign, and frankly,it's not worth the trouble. Just caching FOOD is a huge enough pita. You'll hurt yourself in the first 5 miles trying to haul a small fraction of that stuff. If you''ll be off road, fighting mud, snow, brush, hills, etc, you have to hold the weight to 45 lbs or you'll regret not having done so. The theres over 20 lbs of armor, guns, ammo, accessories, solar and biolite charger, rechargeable batteries, night vision, day-night scope, The packs weigh 3 lbs, there has to be 2 lbs of food, 6 lbs of water, 2 lbs of tools, 2 lbs of clothing. That leaves just 9 lbs for everything else. I know how to stay warm and dry with just 4.5 lbs of sleep/shelter gear, without a fire. Do you? This is with just cammies and cap. Still need the trekking poles, miscellaneous, lighting, fire gear, water carrying gear, water treatment gear, medical kit.


            • I'm going to put 100 lbs of stuff on a bicycle, my rifle across the handlebars, in spring clamps, 20 lbs of mission-essential gear on my back and move 70 lbs of very high calorie food to already buried drums near the storage rental, so I can get that food secured and move on to the BOL with just the bike and the BOB. I can return for the food a bit at a time later. I'll need to get the netting and snares out of the buried drums, set the net traps in the lake and the snares above the salt-licks, again baiting the licks with carrots and applies from my fridge. So I'll be able to swiftly store several hundred lbs of jerky and dried fish. There's several hundred lbs of salt, sugar, grains, molasses, powdered milk out there, and I"ll be bringing 200,000 calories on the bike. I'll be able to hole up for a year during daylight hours, while 99% of population dies off. Then I can use the sprouts and the root veggies. The game and fish will all be gone in a couple of months, so that jerky has to be in the ground in a very few days. Ditto any dogs that later get snared or shot.