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Wow Ultimate Survival Candle?

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  • Mags
    Those candles do work great. The 120hr candle comes in a yellow tin, and the 44hr candle comes in an olive drab tin. These are good candles to keep around. I've never used more than one at a time but I'd imagine that if you lit several of the wicks you'd get decent heat from it. You can even get a "stove" to use with them.

    Rather have a couple of these than a stash of tea candles......

    I also like these for survival situations. They are not that big, last 10hrs each, and maybe eaten or added to other foods. Little light, little heat, help fire starting, and precious extra calories when you need them most. Now I think that's "multipurpose."
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  • ToeCrusher
    Those are nice,I need to get one.

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  • ridgid1
    i have got to get some of those..... nice!!

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  • slowz1k
    That's a really cool candle.
    More versatile than the 20 cans of sterno I have stored, and the couple hundred tea light and emergency candles I get at the dollar store.

    Good find.

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  • Diesel
    You have to try it out! LOL I just ordered one to test if it works well, I will get several

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  • TLM
    I've had one at the house for about 8 yrs., I've never used it
    so I really can't comment.

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  • nicnap
    That is an awesome candle.

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  • Diesel
    started a topic Wow Ultimate Survival Candle?

    Wow Ultimate Survival Candle?

    Has anyone seen or used a Nuwick Candle? Looks really amazing

    Nuwiick 120 Hour Candle! "The Ultimate Utility Candle"

    It's the wick!!

    The only patented, moveable, reusable, independent wick on the planet.!

    Lighting, heating and cooking!!!

    NUWICK candles are unique!

    Only NUWICK 120 hour candles provide a non-toxic, self contained source for lighting, heating and cooking!

    NUWICK candles are a fail-safe, basic staple for those who are well prepared, active and environmentally aware.

    The moveable wicks are the patented innovation behind the NUWICK products!

    Contains NO LEAD!


    Boil water in 14 minutes.

    Fry an egg in 5 minutes.

    Each lead-free, totally non-toxic, moveable, reusable and waterproof wick will burn 25-40 hours.

    Use up to a maximum of three (3) wicks simultaneously, depending on the task.

    Only 1 wick needed for light just like an ordinary candle!

    Only 2 wicks needed for cooking

    Use 3 wicks for heating!

    Safety - Nurwick products are a non-toxic, FDA approved, food grade paraffin in a broad based tin.

    Nuiwick cancles contain NO-LEAD.

    Environmentally Friendly - a biodegradable packaged tin in recycled corrugated and the package is printed with soy ink.

    Storage - our products can safely be stored indoors or out without having the worries of storing a flammable fuel.

    Travel - you cannot take fuel on airplanes with you, but our products are able to fly anywhere, and Nuwick is lighter!