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    While in my days of youth, I was tasked to duty in CFB Dundurn SK. While out on my trusty GS550 I had the same thing with a hailstorm. not pleasant!


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      I used to drag race cars on the street for $$ and lost my driver's license, The good news was back then driver's licenses lacked endorsements meaning I kept my separate motorcycle license.
      Hail and freezing rain weren't fun and back in the day, rain gear was 2 steps up from no rain gear. At the time, I worked where ceramic semiconductors were made. One of the chemicals came in large plastic bags. Cut holes for the arms. and head. Use a bag for the arms and legs. Wrap the whole thing with string to keep it on. However in winter, the boots filled up with ice cold water.
      Did you know what a redneck's snow tires for a motorcycle were? A large diameter of manila rope passed through the spokes and around the tire. Insane yes, did it work, well kind of; OTOH riding slow on a motorcycle was better than walking slowly.

      We would have made a fine pair back in the day.. LOL


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        Agree a to use human night vision....and stay in the dark as much as possible.

        Have not investigated Solar as of yet...but it is worth investigating....particularly in view of charging small units like a phone or in this case a light.

        I understand solar has come a long way from ...let us say...some 20 years ago.

        Not an Ishmaelite.


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          Yes solar has come a long way. However, an educated consumer is as always, their own best protection. One reason is there are a few kinds of solar panels; some are excellent and others are cheap Chineseum crap.

          You lurk or post on quite a few survivalist boards. Same as me, you've read about people having all kinds of survival books and information on their laptops. Well, just how do they plan on keeping its battery charged? I have solar chargers capable of keeping the laptops running.

          Stay in the dark and have night vision at your fixed position. Again, NV requires a charged battery. My NV has a USB port and I have 20 and 30 amp battery packs and USB cables.
          Why do I have NV? The answer is simple, we live in the Chattahoochee NF. At night, the dogs growl or escalate to barking; now anyone with half a brain would want to know what is out there.
          Unfortunately, I've exceeded my groups allowable pictures or I'd post trail cam pictures of bear, deer, cougars and bobcats. What I have outside at night is a lot better than those in urban or suburban areas have with 2 legged predators.


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            Are you using IR or thermal ?


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              That was a poor example of NV.

              IR because it works good here. I swapped the emitter for a higher output 940 nm illuminator. Any illuminator above 850 nm is no glow.

              Here's what I have:
              Buy the ATN X-Sight 4K HD Pro 3-14x Smart Scope for sale with an Ultra HD Sensor at ATN Corp. Find the best digital rifle scopes with cameras and more here.

              ATN offered a sweet deal if I'd trade my old ATN NV in on a the newest version.